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WiFi PiSO is among the most sought-after WiFi services in Philippines. It’s a Coin-Voucher Operated WiFi Vending Machine that anyone who wishes to access internet access.

Find Your Free PISO WiFi Passowrd

PISO WiFi is the main revenue models that telecom providers use within the Philippines. Because everyone doesn’t have the money to pay for internet access at home, or even a monthly internet service. Therefore, paying for what you use is a cost-effective alternative for those who can’t afford it. Therefore, PISO WiFi is the better option.


PISO WiFi was initially launched in the form of PISONET, which is an arcade type internet which allowed users to can access their interest using coins. This is the word “piso” is a “piso” (or one dollar). And “internet”,”pison internet” is the internet price of one cent (rent).

Thus, a computer rental with Internet was available for a single piso. PISO WiFi has taken over PISONET. However, it has been employed since the year 2011.

PISO WiFi was launched in 2017 and became popular in the shortest amount of time.

Wifi AdoPiSoftAdoPiSoft is the most popular management software used for coin-operated WiFi hotspots located that are located in the Philippines. The software is designed to be easy to use for even people who are not tech-savvy, but with the ability to make sophisticated settings as well as configuration. The following link will take you to the official website. PISO WiFi Portal

A default address for the gateway of this router’s address is PISO. The user does not need to fret about this. The user just needs to follow the steps below.

PISO Wifi Login

Follow these steps for logging into piso WiFi with your userrid, password, username and other information

  • If you are looking to use Piso Wifi , just follow this step.
  • Visit the closest vending machine and search to find the WiFi SSID.
  • Make connection to AdoPisoWifi Enter the ssid code as “adopisowifi” After connecting, it will open the login process.
  • Insert Coin into the machine at the time you are requested.
  • Machine will recognize the currency and authenticate the device.

Create your own WiFi Vendo PISO

You can design your personal automated Piso WiFi vendor machine with just a few steps. You can then place the device inside Canteens, Malls, Appartments or Terminals. It is a great way to earn money because there are many people who are looking for this service.

Hardware that is supported by PiSo WiFi Vendor Machines
There are a variety of devices that support Raspberry PI 3 or 4 or to use Orange PI which has low performance when in comparison the Raspberry PI. If you’re on a small budget, you could consider NeWiFi 3 D-2 which has the lowest performance. If you’re on money to spend, then you can get an internet connection that allows you to install Ubuntu and use the hardware. You can also build your own Vendo Machine using below techniques;

What is the cost of PISO WiFi?

1 pc 3×4 Tarpulin
5 meters UTP cable to connect to the latest technology
1 pc outdoor CPE antenna(up to 300m WiFi Range
11.m UTP cable to CPE antenna
3 Month’s Warranty
Lifetime Support.
Specifications that are part of PISO Wireless Vendor Machine
200 devices can be connected
CPE Antenna 200-300
Signal range
12 Volts
Your own inventory setting for sales in the Admin System.
Time Adjustment
Can Block Malicious Site like porn.
Plug and Play
You can put in between 1,5 and 10 peso coins.
Same band-with to every user.
Piso WiFi Software
ADOPISOFT was formerly called ADO Piso WiFi it is a popular management software designed for the PiSo WiFi vendo machine. The software is able to be utilized by any program across the world. It’s easy to install and simple to set up.

If you’re not an expert in technology. You can complete the configuration with just a few clicks. You can utilize the remote management tool to quickly set up the server. If you need to control bandwidth or user management, you can effortlessly do it using ADOPISOFT.


In Philippine Piso WiFi is one of the most well-known Wi-Fi solutions. To access Wi-Fi you must purchase a service and then utilize it according to. There are a variety of scenarios where individuals who require internet access cannot pay for the service they need to use. In these cases, there’s an option in the form of the Piso Wi-Fi pause period

Internet technology is now a necessity for every person in this age. The world has transformed into one Global Village with the help of the internet. With online, you gain access to whatever we require, in the terms of information. We can shop for everything at home via the internet, from stores that are online. The internet has simplified our lives certainly.

When we speak of the internet, the first thing that comes to thoughts are the telecom industry and its internet-related plans. Which one is providing the most affordable rates and better quality. Here, we’ll look at how to use the Piso Wi-Fi Piso WiFi.

What’s the definition of Piso Wi-Fi Pause Time? Piso WiFi?

It’s one of the most reliable internet services within the Philippines. It is essentially, Piso Wi-Fi was started by using PISONET that was an arcade style internet. Piso Wi-Fi is started in 2017 and gained fame within a short period of time.

Users can access the internet using the aid of coins. It is said that PISONET is the definition of one-peso internet. PISONET was established in the year 2011, however it was replaced by Piso WiFi in the year 2017.

This service is available via a vending machine. It is a rental internet service you can purchase by using coins. So a person who is unable to afford internet plans or who wishes to save money on internet access can make use of this Piso Wi-Fi service.

Wi-Fi AdoPiSoft

It is among the main management tools for the coin-operated Wi-Fi hotspots located in the Philippine. It’s created in a way that everyone can gain access to internet connectivity even for not technically proficient.

The Login Process is for Piso Wi-Fi Piso WiFi

If you live in Philippine and require internet service that is almost free. To connected with your Piso Wi-Fi. follow the steps listed below.

Advantages Piso Wi-Fi Piso WiFi Service

This is among the most practical online services for those who don’t have the money or are looking to save money.

Telecom companies are reaping the advantage of this low-cost internet service.

This IP address piso wifi is crucial and is the most efficient way to ensure that it is able to be used multiple times.

The administration is able to manage it from anywhere , with the aid of the cost management program.

It aids you to deal with the demands of bandwidth, users and of course, the rate time.

It’s well-designed and can be utilized by any person at any time, without going through an extensive process.

The best part is that it’s almost free, and you don’t have to purchase internet packages for small-scale internet-related work.

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