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2023 Chevrolet Traverse – A Perfect Three-Row Family Car

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More people nowadays think that the 2023 Chevrolet Traverse is the perfect family car in the market. The simple reason for this is their spacious three-row seating arrangement along with the details Chevy put into their cabin.

This car is ideal because of its spaciousness along with powerful performance due to its amazing powertrain. Even the pricing is quite affordable. Hence, more people are visiting Minidoka County Chevrolet dealer to book this vehicle.

However, take a look at this Chevy family vehicle in detail first!

Seating and other cabin details

Since its spaciousness is the first thing that appeals to people looking for a family car. 7 to 8 passengers can easily seat comfortably in the rows available. Even the third row is large enough to accommodate adults to sit comfortably for a longer period. With so much cabin space, this car is ideal for a small or large family that wants to travel together.

Moreover, it is a cargo-hauling beast; behind third-row, people can keep 6 carry-ons easily if not more. Folding its rows will offer more space that none of its rivals in this segment can provide. Also, the first row comes with several cubby storages that no other car in this category offers. Hence, apart from ample seating arrangement, people can also easily carry enough cargo.

Last but not least, this vehicle’s cabin is built and designed using top-tier materials. Some of the features included are a touchscreen infotainment display, a user-friendly system, wireless smartphone integration, a Wi-Fi hotspot, and more.

Such a cabin alone makes this vehicle worthy of being an ideal three-row family car.

Powertrains equipped

The standard choice is a V6 engine under the hood that delivers 310 horses. It is paired with a 9-speed slick-shifting automatic transmission that changes gears smoothly. The V6 engine helps this vehicle to be one of the fastest in its category; it takes about 6.8 seconds to reach from zero to sixty mph.

Moreover, Chevy has ensured that the cabin is always quiet to ensure a better driving experience. Also, it comes with one of the seamless auto start/stops functions that are currently available in the market.

Low steering effort and poised handling are what make this car precise and thus, it is what people love when driving such a huge car. Also, the suspension system is ideal as it provides a comprehensive balance between ride comfort and handling. For more, powertrain-related details visit Minidoka County Chevrolet dealership.


The starting model is LS and it is priced at $35,915 approximately. The rest of the choices available are LT at $38,440, RS at $46,390, Premier at $48,545, and High Country at $53,345. People can choose any of the models according to their budget. All of the models will offer ample space and comfort along with superior performance. However, most people opt for Premier or High Country trims because of the luxury aspects one can enjoy.

All these make the 2023 Chevrolet Traverse a perfect three-row family automobile. Hence, visit a dealership near your and ask them all the questions you might have. Upon clearing all doubts, you can book it and take a unit back home with you.

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