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5 types of entrepreneurs Which one are you?

by philwilliams
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it is very common to interact with different types of entrepreneurs, so it is our job to get to know each one and their history of origin. To do this, we took on the task of classifying the users of the incubator and we placed them into five different types:

1. Entrepreneur Entrepreneur

These entrepreneur are characterize because, when they manage to run their company that they themselve create, they seek to reinvest the profit in favor of the company itself and, in their mind, they never sell their company to a third party.

2. Entrepreneur by necessity :

This type of entrepreneur is one who embarks on the adventure of starting his own business driven by circumstances beyond his control. Sometimes they tend to be people who have lost their job or find themselves stuck in an environment that motivates them to move on their own. These entrepreneur are force to start something empirically.

3. Serial Entrepreneur :

This type of entrepreneur is one who starts a business, grows it, and sells it, making the process itself a business. These are people who like the process of starting a business, constantly changing businesses, selling and starting new ones, and improving the ones they have.

4. Entrepreneurs sons of entrepreneurs:

Families that develop business activity by tradition, allow their children to set up a company, without the need for much educational business training, this is when this kind of entrepreneurs originate. Their projects are usually important and generate several jobs from the start.

5. Academic entrepreneurs:

This type of entrepreneur is characterize by have receive technical, technological or professional training prior to the process of starting a business . They have a wealth of fresh knowledge and, although their priority desire is to enter companies in the market as dependent employees, they are not afraid to undertake. When they create companies, they do so with a larger size and profile, and they have their technical academic knowledge that makes success easier. Entrepreneurs who go to a Business Incubator minimize risks in order to face the market competitively. That is why we invite you to be part of the UNITEC Business Incubator.

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