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6 points relating to Panna or emerald stone

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So, as we all know that gemstones are becoming a huge topic of discussion for many years. Many of us were not even aware of the gemstones earlier in our life. But now we can easily find these gemstones in the jewelry pieces that we or other people wear. They are not only having their spiritual values but also look so attractive when we wear them. This is one of the reasons behind their popularity.  You can now buy Panna stone online with just a few clicks on your phone and we could not ask for more. This makes the whole procedure of wearing it so easier for all. If you are also planning to wear this stone then you must know some important points associated with this:

Another name of the gem:

Many be you may not have heard of Panna but have heard of emerald stone. Yes, the other name of this gemstone is emerald. It is green in color and this is one of the specifications of this gemstone. 

Attached planet:

Most of people who are having weaker mercury planets in their horoscopes usually wear this stone. It is attached to the mercury planet. Mercury is having its own relevance in our horoscope that only an astrologist or an expert can tell. So, before wearing it is important to consult the concerned expert or the astrologist that can help you in selecting the stone that you should wear. 

Preferred metal:

So, you cannot use any metal to wear the gemstones rather you need to know the right or preferred metal in which you will go for this. In this case, metal like silver or gold is mostly preferred by the astrologist to wear this stone. You may have seen the beautiful silver jewelry equipped with emerald stones. Even silver earrings, rings, bracelets, pendants, etc are very much common. 

Preferred day:

After the preferred metal, the most important thing is the right time of wearing this gemstone. Wednesday is the most preferred day to wear this gemstone. You can choose early morning or early evening to wear this gem. 

Not to be worn with:

So, you also need to take care of other things when you are planning to wear the gemstones. This means it is important to know the gemstones with which the emerald is not convenient. Three of such stones are ruby, pearls, and red corals. In case you are already wearing them, you need to see the consultant for the best possible information. As these gemstones should not be worn together. Ask for suggestions from the astrologist to avoid any kind of inconvenience later. 

Works the best for:

This stone is known for the most beneficial health, reducing stress, and improving intelligence. In case, you are facing problems with any of these you can go for wearing this gemstone. 

The above points make us very clear about the emerald stone. Now you can buy Panna Stone online anytime. 

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