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Believing These 7 Myths about Corrugated Boxes Is Best for Your Business

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Corrugated boxes

Corrugated boxes play a very important role in marketing. However, nowadays there are a lot of rumors of their random myths. In order to take full advantage of them you must know these few important myths about these boxes that are best for your business. These developments discussed in detail below contribute to the growth of shelf-ready products that are both reliable shippers and appealing displays. New kinds of applications are also becoming possible. All thanks to science!

As a business, you begin by doing the packaging of your items. You may come across many beliefs that discourage you from packaging a particular style of packaging. With corrugated boxes, this is the situation. These boxes are quite ubiquitous, yet there are some aspects of them that are questioned. While doing extensive research before spending money on these boxes is a smart idea, as a business you should be aware that the majority of these claims are simply misconceptions.  We are going to work on some myths about custom corrugated boxes that will surely be best for your business. 

Myth # 1: All corrugated boxes are same:

Although it may be true that boxes are built of essentially the same material. There are still some differences between them. While some packaging boxes may be made for cosmetic items others like food boxes are made expressly for culinary things like cookies and cakes. It’s crucial to keep the product in mind when creating a unique display packing for it. Corrugated boxes can be produced from a wide variety of materials. This includes cardboard, Kraft paper and corrugated paperboard. Each of these has unique properties. This is the reason it may be used for various products. The display cases are unique as a result because they were made to order.

Myth # 2: Corrugated boxes are not strong: 

Contrarily, one of the most durable forms of packing materials is used to make custom corrugated boxes. A flute is placed in between two layers of paper to strengthen the strength of the corrugated paper board. The product won’t be harmed if these corrugated boxes are stacked on top of one another These recyclable boxes can be utilized once more for a variety of purposes.

Myth # 3: Price of corrugated boxes increase strikingly:

That is untrue. It is true that prices change according to demand in both domestic and foreign markets. However, if you are using the services of a reputable supplier, you will undoubtedly be informed in advance if prices are changing. By doing so, you can choose whether to purchase more or less corrugated boxes. In other words, if you pay close attention to market trends, you’ll discover that you can actually anticipate when prices will shift and be prepared for it.

Myth # 4: Corrugated boxes are not flexible:

Printed corrugated boxes are incredibly adaptable. They are constructed of a material that is flexible enough to take any shape. In accordance with the requirements of your company and your preferences, the material can also be utilized to create corrugated boxes of various shapes and sizes. Cardboard or Kraft paper, which is incredibly simple to bend, cut, and mold, is typically used to make such display boxes.

Colorful graphics that catch consumers’ eyes with clarity and precision are produced by high-quality flexo, litho, and digital printers. Furthermore, corrugated packaging suppliers are obtaining G7 certification, which ensures brand color-matching across all substrates and printing techniques.

Myth # 5: Corrugated boxes are cheap when purchased in bulk:

This is not completely accurate. Yes, you can save prices by purchasing in bulk, but there are also other options. There are providers who offer complimentary shipment as well as complimentary consultations for your corrugated boxes with logo and other crucial information. You can save money by using their services rather than having to buy display boxes in large quantities. In addition to that, you can properly use the storage space provided by your supplier. If your supplier is credible, you can count on them to make prompt deliveries for smaller orders as well. You can reduce storage costs in this way as well. To save money, you don’t just have to rely on wholesale prices.

Myth # 6: Corrugated boxes are limited to a few designs: 

This myth is entirely false. Die cutting can be used to create nearly any shape that you choose for your printed corrugated boxes. Circles can be cut out of display boxes to hold various cosmetic goods. To show off what is inside, they can also have rectangles of various sizes carved into the top or the side of your corrugated boxes. These are only a handful of the shapes that may be found in display boxes. But any shape can be cut with die cutting.

The production of complex designs in large quantities and at fast speeds is becoming more and more affordable because of technological advancements. This includes laminating, die-cutting, creasing, folding, and gluing. For instance, automated corrugated forming equipment may easily create a 20-fold shelf-ready container.

Myth # 7: Corrugated boxes are available in few colors:

Any color you want can be used to produce corrugated boxes. Even though they are typically made in their natural brown color since it is simpler to produce and recycle, you can choose whatever color you wish for your display box.

These myths must not hinder the success of corrugated boxes. More people are embracing the use of these boxes as a result of these features. These are now in great demand on the market. Due to their greater market acceptance, these boxes have been used successfully by many firms. Whether you already have a small business or are thinking about starting one, food boxes are crucial. You may not only expand your business but also establish a brand for yourself in the industry by using these boxes. You ought to choose a reputable packaging partner who appreciates the importance of corrugated packaging and is knowledgeable about the most recent business trends.

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