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8 Best Methods to Utilize Your Printing Budget for Custom Rigid Boxes

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In a dynamic world like today’s, it is becoming increasingly important to stay on par, if not above, your competitors in the business market. For that, it is important that your product stands out and its packaging is captivating enough to compel consumers to go for your product. There are various ways in which you can utilize the budget for your custom rigid boxes and make them more interesting. Read on to find out these 8 best methods.

Color Combinations

Colors impact you subconsciously and create perceptions about certain things in your mind. For instance, if there is something in blue color, you would associate it with water, which is why mineral water companies always use the color blue and white. Similarly, if you see the color pink, you would associate it with products related to femininity. Colors play a major role in rigid boxes’ printing. You can dedicate a chunk of your printing budget on choosing the right color schemes and combinations for the product you would like to sell. Colors play a huge role in marketing luxury rigid boxes too.

Art Work

Artwork really gives your packaging a zing and compels your consumers to be gripped by your product. Setting aside an amount for printing artwork for your packaging is becoming more crucial in this ever-expanding technological world. If you invest in having certain comic strips related to your product on your rigid boxes’ packaging, you will be able to target an audience who relates to and loves contemporary art and pop culture. If you are selling luxury products such as fragrances, your packaging would include flowery artwork for females.


Another clever way to utilize your printing budget for luxury rigid boxes is to decorate them with embellishments. These decorations give your packaging a bling factor and make it aesthetically pleasing. You could add beads and glitter to the packaging if you are catering to consumers who go for luxury products.


You could also give away free accessories such as keychains and bracelets. This will not only make your packaging more interesting but also add beauty and a captivating feature to it, compelling your customers to invest in the product. Now isn’t that clever?

Product Description

Another reason why consumers opt for certain products is the packaging itself because it provides them with the product description and details. You could dedicate a certain amount from your printing budget to printing product descriptions on the side of your custom rigid boxes’ packaging. This will allow your consumers to thoroughly examine the product and reach the conclusion of eventually buying.

Honest Details

Giving your customers the right and liberty to know what constitutes the product increases brand loyalty and a good brand image. Therefore, adding details regarding ingredients shows that you are honest with what you say and do. It also gives clarity to consumers who are allergic to certain chemicals or ingredients, giving your company and product a positive image.

Know Your Product

Before setting aside a certain budget for your printing, you must know your product in and out because if you know your product properly, you would be able to customize the packaging according to it, leaving less room for any mistake or failure in regards to the creation of the rigid boxes. The better you know your product, the more you will have the capacity, clarity and ability to design the boxes in various shapes and sizes, bringing diversity to your packaging. This consequently leads to the consumers feeling pleased and staying loyal to your brand.

Be Eco-Friendly

With the rising global temperatures and pollution levels, it is becoming the need of the hour to go green and be more environmentally friendly. For that, it is imperative to indulge and invest in processes that create less waste and use up fewer amounts of fossil fuel. Therefore, when setting aside budgets for printing, be sure to go for soy-based inks because they are renewable and cheaper. In contrast to this, traditional colors used for printing are harmful to the environment and less cost-effective. Moreover, you should go for materials for your custom luxury boxes that can biodegrade easily, such as cardboard and Kraft paper.

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