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A Guide To Selecting A Gift For A New Arrival!

by mohitjain
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When there is a baby coming into the world it is a wonderful time, not just for the parents but also for people around them, friends and family. People want to celebrate with you and express their joy for this time. Often that means giving the baby a gift, and even sometimes the mother or parents a gift too. There are a lot of gift options for babies and more people are focusing on companies that are Australian and geared towards safe and natural such as you can get with Nature Baby.

Baby bouncer

A baby bouncer is a great buy because it is a place where it is safe to put the newborn and they can be comfortable whether they are sleeping or awake. A parent can gently bounce the baby when they are in it, and give a toy for them to look at, or bounce them gently to sleep. Baby can kick their legs and also bounce themselves. Just make sure the parents know not to put it on a raised surface.

Baby gift baskets, ready-made or customised

Gift baskets are nice to give and receive because they can be themed, pre-made or customised depending on your gifting skills and the time you have. You might get or make a basket just for changing and nappies, creams, wipes, nappies, and such. You might make one for clothing, a great idea is to have a few outfits going up in size from newborn because they grow so quickly. Susukoshi has some great outfits. You could include a nice blanket as well. You might create something personalised with the baby’s name on the bibs and onesies and such.

Clothing and blankets more neutral in design

If you do not want to put them as part of a larger gift basket you might choose to gift clothing and such as an individual gift. Nature baby is great for more gender-neutral and organic clothing so it does not matter what the parent has. A lot of people are trying to move away from the stereotypical gender gifts and colours for good reason.

Books, books and more books!

A baby is never too young to get their first book. Books last for years and some can even become something special to them as they grow. You can get books for babies, to take in the bath, tactile books and such, and you can choose to get books for the parents to read to the baby. Start out with nursery rhymes and songs and then build up to favourite stories you have from when you were young. Parents who start reading to their child each night from a very young age are doing a very important thing for their children.


Whether you choose Susukoshi clothing or something else as your gift, you can show the parents your joy at their new baby. Just think about what personal beliefs the parents have so you can get something they are happy for their baby to wear or use.

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