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A Venue – A Silent Witness to a Breathtaking Experience

by kumarrahu
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Every event has its own significance,whether a business meeting,discussing the future endeavors, an exhibition that promotes the beauty of the art depicted by the prevalent culture or a lavish wedding that represents the opulent outlook of you and your loved ones. The venue that hosts such events needs to match the reverence of the conducted event, and act as a complete support system till the end.

Orana Banquet Gurgaon has proved time and again, its supremacy not only as one of the best wedding venues in Gurgaon but also for playing the role of a perfect host to any genre of event organised by you.

Orana Group, having a multitude of properties in different parts of India, was already a favourite among its clients, providing utmost satisfaction in every respect. But Orana Banquet Gurgaon is a state of the art venue, that is a subtle embodiment of luxury, finesse and opulence.

Sprawling over 150,000 sqft, a prominent and complete conference facility is offered in Gurugram,by The Orana Group. As a designated banquet area, it is prepared to act as a witness to every type of event be it a sombre government function, being attended by a number of respected government officials, or business conferences that is a cacophony of voices, each putting forth a path breaking opinion, or the celebration of a sacred union of two souls along with their well wishers, apart from being an essential symposium for art and culture.

Ingredients of a perfect execution of a successful event

The recipe of a successful event certainly needs the following ingredients to be the ‘ talk of the town’

  • A venue that echoes the opulence of the views of the host, after understanding the magnitude of value of the event, to its host.
  • A tasteful decor that sums up all the amenities to provide the maximum comfort and happiness to the people attending it.
  • The flexibility of being able to incorporate the modifications, to adapt to the preferences of the client and his highly esteemed guests, when expressed from time to time.
  • A team of specialised personnel, who are determined to persevere, from the beginning, till the end, offering every support required, in each department, for the conduction of a successful event.
  • A backup team who has the expertise to deal with any glitches becoming proactive, assuring a flawless occasion.
  • A group of experts who work smartly to curate an amazing spread,keeping in mind the varied choices of the host and her guests as well as the genre of the event.
  • The perfect knowhow to fulfill the level of expectation that a person has, from every genre of service offered.

Orana Banquet Gurgaon is confident enough to ace every department as gracefully as possible, in order to produce memorable experiences being already well known for its lavish events and distinctive theme parties.

A flawless occurrence

Not content with just being one of the best wedding venues in Gurgaon, Orana combines creativity, personalization, and logistical know-how in addition to a suave approach, catering to our clients to attach the highest value to the memories created of each such experience. In collaboration on every facet of your event, customization is done according to the requisites of your special program so that it seems as though the convention center was created with your meeting in mind.

This includes being vigilant about every minute detail from communications and technical support, staging to catering and photography etc. to offer the guests nothing less than a fulfilling experience that is marked by exceptional excellence and flawlessness.

When culture marries luxury to carry on the legacy of some invaluable memories

No event can weave in a space of any less attention or dedication to perfection. The very own Banquet area embodies the original mission to offer the best ambience in order to satisfy the opulent outlook. A specially dedicated space that can boast of a vast capacity is designed to complement the goals and happiness of a nostalgic event like a wedding, expected to be cherished with lots of joy. The modern interiors and upholstery bathed in a neutral palette acts as a perfect match to the dream that visualizes the bonding of your culture and luxury, made possible by an absolutely dedicated crew of helpers assigned to all areas of the space, striving for perfection.
On a bright and positive day or during a relaxing night under the glittering sky, the arrangement is as good as indoors, giving no room for complaints, with necessary modifications and adaptations made in accordance with your preferences and indulgence. The classic setup is certain to herald the beginning of aspirational success with its embellishments of designer impeccability and an enticing atmosphere!

Comfort comes first

A lavish theater, laden with soft fabric draped seats of the most superior quality, ensures the success of all your events, gifting comfort to your prestigious visitors. A continuous support team is always at your service, for your on-site needs, in order to maintain the event’s optimal castability and level of attentiveness.

Be it, being one of the best wedding Halls in Gurgaon or otherwise, Orana Convention Gurgaon trive to fulfill your needs in a variety of events that have been carefully designed to meet them. No matter what you need for a successful event—government functions, institutional activities, stage performances, lavish weddings, exhibitions, or business conferences—an interesting array of solutions is always knocking at your doors.

A culinary extravaganza

The culinary experts at Orana worships food and promises you that you and your guests will have nothing short of an extravaganza during or after the events. A massive spread is prepared, after being aware of your food preferences, as no event can be hailed as a fully successful one, till the attendees feel content after enjoying it.

Orana worries about your worries

Most events, specially a big fat wedding, have a huge number of guests. Thus the valet service at Orana Banquet Gurgaon, is absolutely spot on, with abundant parking space for the personal vehicles, under a strict surveillance system, assuring utmost safety, so that they can enjoy the function with a free mind.

Thus, the Orana Group has every right to be hailed as one of the best wedding halls in Gurgaon, if not the best, striving for perfection in every aspect, serving its clients in the best possible manner.

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