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Advantages of DTG and Screen t-shirt printing

by mohitjain
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Two of the main methods of t-shirt printing with a plain tshirt in Singapore are DTG (direct to garment) and screen. Each of them has their own advantages and situations when one is a better method to use over the other. When you know a bit more about the options you can get the results you are looking for at a fair price. Here is a look at some of the main advantages of each so you can better judge which printing option will best meet your needs.

DTG t-shirt printing advantages

DTG printing is the most modern method used in t-shirt printing where the design you choose is printed onto special printing paper that is then bonded onto the shirt. It uses printers much like regular ones but larger. You can create some very cool t shirts Singapore and beyond. Some of the advantages to direct to garment printing are;

● There is not a lot that can go wrong with this process, it is simple, easy and effective, so you can expect to get good results.
● You can achieve a much higher level of detail in the printing, you can even choose photos to print and they will come out looking good.
● There is no limit on how many colours you can have in the image or design.
● The printer can get a t-shirt done in less than an hour.
● It is a great choice when you have just one, or a few t-shirts to design, up to mid sized orders.

Screen t-shirt printing advantages

Screen printing is one of the oldest methods of printing and was once called silk screen printing because each screen was once made of silk. Each colour has another screen or stencil and the design is imprinted with ink and a squeegee onto the fabric. It is a very popular method of printing, especially for businesses ordering in large amounts.

● Rather than the ink bonding to the surface it is absorbed by the material and can be washed multiple times and be fine.
● You can do any size of design, even something on a plain tshirt in Singapore that covers the whole surface.
● It is best for when designs have fewer colours, as each colour means a new screen and additional costs.
● It is the best option for bulk orders, the more you order usually, the less the per shirt price is.
● It looks great and does not feel odd and so is comfortable to wear.
● It is best for simpler graphics rather than photographic images.


As you can see we have summarised for you the different main advantages to screen t-shirt printing and DGT shirt printing. You can create some really cool t shirts Singapore. If you want a smaller quality in high detail and high quality then you want direct to garment printing. If you want more shirts, more affordable and simpler designs then you want screen printing.

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