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Amped Wireless Extender Setup Issue: Troubleshooting Guide

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Amped wireless extenders are one of the best WiFi devices that improve the existing WiFi range of your existing router to great extent. Once you are done with Amped wireless extender setup, you will be able to enjoy the fastest internet connectivity all over your house.

But, the Amped extender setup process is not the same for all! 4 out of 5 users get issues while initiating and completing the process. If tired of standing in the queue, then this guide will be your comfort zone. Here, we will mention some of the topmost fixes that will help you get rid of setup issues happening with your Amped wireless extender. Hence, keep reading!

Fixed: Amped Wireless Extender Setup Issues

The setup-related issues you are experiencing with your Amped extender can be due to any reason. For instance, your extender is not operating on proper power or it is not connected to your router, or the web address you have used to log in to Amped extender is incorrect or the web browser you are using is outdated.

No matter what reason is causing the Amped extender setup issue, know that the fixes highlighted below will be the best solutions for all. So, keep scrolling down!

Fix 1: Verify the Power Supply

First things first, you have to be sure that your Amped wireless extender is receiving continuous power from the wall socket into which it is plugged.

The wall socket should not be loose or short-circuited. Just in case, you find any sort of damage in the extender’s wall plug, get it repaired immediately or choose another working and damage-free socket for it.

Fix 2: Check the Amped Extender Connection

Now, you need to check the Amped extender’s connection with your router. In order to get Amped extender setup successful, your devices (extender and router) must be connected wirelessly or via a wired source. But, making a connection between them is not enough. You have to ensure a stable extender-router connection.

What’s More?

You will only get success with Amped wireless setup process if you have kept them (extender and router) at a safe distance.

Safe distance”? “What is that supposed to mean?”

The term safe distance means you can’t keep your Amped extender and router closer until and unless you have to connect them via Ethernet cable. And, in case of wireless connection, place them:

  • neither too far that their WiFi signals get issues while communicating with each other
  • nor too close that the signals of your devices start messing with each other

Fix 3: Update Your Web Browser

So, which web browser you are using? Google Chrome? Safari? Mozilla Firefox? Although you can use any browser of your choice, however, if it is outdated, you will get issues while accessing the Amped extender web address. So, verify the web browser version prior to putting it in use. And, if you find that it is outdated, kindly updated it.

No Luck?

Still can’t get Amped wireless extender setup success? In such a case:

  • Cross-check the web address entrée
  • Ensure that the Amped extender’s web address is not enter in the search bar
  • And, of course the browser’s private window. The private window might redirect you to some other web page.

These mistakes if committed by you are strictly recommended to be rectified as soon possible.

Soon after the Amped extender’s default web address started working for you, when you hit the Enter key, you will be redirected to Amped wireless extender login window. Over here, you have to provide amped wireless extender login password, click on the Log In button to have access to the dashboard of your device. Reaching here, just remember 2 things:

One: Have access to the correct SSID and blazing-fast internet connection

Two: Implement the Amped wireless setup instructions as per the extender model you have in the exact order as the way they are provided.

Apply these fixes and mark our words, you will surely get successful with the setup process of your Amped wireless extender.

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