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Annapurna Base Camp – My Guide

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For those who are fit, the Annapurna Basis Camp Trek that starts from Pokhran offers a great first multi-day trip for well-fit travelers. Without a companion, we completed the Annapurna base camp journey in seven days.

To minimize travel time, we took a jeep to the launch and finish. We didn’t have any plans for an amulet-day trip ahead of us and hadn’t taken any medication before. Although it was difficult, it was manageable and well worth the effort.

Incredible views of Annapurna Peak from the Annapurna Base Camp Trek

You can also try River Rafting in Rishikesh, which is the best way to spend your weekend 

Annapurna Base Camp Trek Basic Data

Distance approximately Distance Approx. 60 km depending on the point you start and the route you choose.

Time 5- 7 Days

Difficulty Moderate- delicate

There are some steep parts and high altitudes, but there are good trails.

It’s a stylish time to take the Annapurna Base Camp trip

Two main seasons are best for trekking in Nepal. The first season is from late October to November when it is warm and dry. Another option is to launch spring in April-May when it can be wetter and flowers are in bloom. The Annapurna Base Camp trip was completed in mid-April. We experienced some autumn rain, but also full sun on many days.


Permits to Annapurna Base Camp Trek

To travel in Nepal’s most remote areas, you will need a permit and a TIM card. These can be purchased at any of the sightseeing centers in Kathmandu and Pokhara. It is easy to walk to the Pokhran station from the sightseeing machine station, so you can go directly there if you arrive in Pokhran.


For the Annapurna Base Camp trip, permits are required.

Non-natives can get a TIMS card for 2000 NPR and a permit for 2260 NPR. They will need 4 passport prints, which you must provide. It costs 200 NPR to have 4 prints done ahead of time (we didn’t know this was possible).

Are you looking for a companion to the Annapurna Basecamp Trek?

We decided to travel alone to Annapurna Base Camp. It’s very unlikely that you will get lost on the way. There are signs at each villa that indicate how far it is to reach the next villa. Also, it’s cheaper to do it alone. There were many other travelers we met.

It was great to be able to travel together and stay in the same place. However, those traveling with their attendants had to follow a more strict schedule about where and how far they wanted to travel each day.

Amazing lush Foliage during the Annapurna morning journey

Prospects and flexibility are still issues. If you do decide to hire a companion, make sure they can speak English and understand your fitness situation. For any group size, we were offered a daily rate of USD 25 for a companion.


Temperatures at the Annapurna Base Camp Trek

Daytime temperatures are quite affordable. After warming up, a t-shirt is good for touring. You can also bring a warmer jacket to wear when you stop. You’ll need to layer up a few layers if the temperature drops significantly at night. It is possible for it to drop below zero at night at the base camp (we were there in April), and further below 10 degrees Celsius.


Morning views from Annapurna peak

Route and itinerary for the Annapurna Basecamp Trek

Your journey is now launched. Many people take the Annapurna Circuit and Poon Hill treks before they join the Annapurna Base Camp Journey in Charming. There are many options for where you can start your journey if you’re coming in from.

Stay at the Annapurna Base Camp.

You must eat at the local restaurant if your stay is near. Many restaurants will allow you to stay free of charge if they offer breakfast and regale. This concession is easier if you arrive as a larger group. We paid 150 NPR per night for our stay when we did pay.

Although hot water was readily available for the entire journey, it brought with it a redundant figure of around 100 NPR per person. The cell phone signal was available as far as Sinwa. It is located near the base camp and has WiFi to provide a fresh figure. We decided to separate for many days.

Always keep the top in sight.

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