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Benefits OF Buffalo Cattle & Cattle Feed

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Dairy farming is a profitable industry in India that creates jobs in the countryside. Although there are several buffalo breeds, including Nili Ravi and Bhadawari, Murrah is mostly preferred for several reasons. Highly nutritious and protein-rich feed is essential for bodily upkeep, immunity, digestion, and milk production in cattle like Murrah buffalo. Minerals, vitamins, seeds, oil cakes, bran, molasses, and other ingredients are used in cattle feed production. Protein-rich supplements benefit cattle by supporting the smooth operation of numerous important organs and systems. Effective reproduction and milk production are both boosted by good cattle feed.

The Best Buffalo Breed – Murrah Buffalo

India is where the Murrah breed first emerged. It also goes by the names “Kali,” “Kundi,” and “Delhi.” Farmers favor Murrah buffalo because of their ability to adjust quickly to changing climatic circumstances, which makes them ideal for dairy farming. Murrah milk is more expensive because it contains more fat. They are not dependent on any particular residue and can grow under bad circumstances, including drought. Another benefit of Murrah buffaloes is that they are less likely to contract diseases than other breeds. Additionally, Murrah buffaloes produce a lot of milk. Many buffalo-buying app are available for you, where you get all services. 

Different cattle feed supplements can make it more affordable for you to produce high-quality milk. 


Cattle are fed silage, produced from green foliage crops, and kept until it becomes acidic. Silage can be fed to cattle in adverse weather and dry seasons when the pasture is inadequate or there is a shortage of green forage. Silage is good for cattle and increases milk production since it is nutrient-rich and simple for cattle to digest.

If less grass is available, feed cattle using MeraPashu360’s Premium Silage.

Sarso Khal 

Protein is present in mustard seeds. Methionine and other crucial amino acids are abundant in them. Thirty-nine percent of them are protein, with about 35 percent oil. When producing oil from mustard seeds, the remaining material is known as “mustard cake” or sarso khal. It is typically fed to cattle since it is a cheap fat supplement and positively affects milk composition.

Binola Khal 

The cotton plant’s seeds are known as cotton seeds. After oil extraction from the seeds, the residues are retained and used as animal and poultry feed. Binola Khal, also known as cottonseed cake, has sufficient protein, vitamins, and energy to make milk of the highest caliber. It improves reproductive effectiveness and keeps the cattle healthy. Moreover, Binola Khal raises milk’s fat content.

At affordable costs, you can purchase verified Binola Khal from MeraPashu360, which helps your buffalo’s health.

Kachi Khal 

Cattle can be given Kachi Khal to maintain a sufficient quantity of nutrients. Cattle’s health and immunity will be improved, and metabolic illnesses will be avoided. It improves the milk’s fat content. Cattle’s reproductive cycles are regulated by Kachi Khal, which boosts milk output. 

Chana Churi 

Components in chana churi are essential for cattle feed. It contains protein and helps in digestion, improving milk quality and output. Giving Chana Churi to cattle may normalize the reproductive system of such animals. Moreover, it helps support the health and immunity of cattle. 


It is frequently rich in protein and carbohydrates, making it excellent for poultry and livestock. Also high in starch and energy is daliya. This makes it a crucial part of the feed for cattle. Cattle can be fed daliya to produce more milk.


Cattle should be fed properly to encourage their overall health and milk output. Choker is a well-liked form of cattle feed because it is affordable and offers several benefits. Choker protects against metabolic diseases and deficiency syndromes since it is nutrient-rich.

If you’re looking for the highest-quality cattle feed, check out MeraPashu360. You may purchase a Premium Shakti Bhog Choker Barik on this website at a reasonable price.

Soya Chilka 

The essential amino acids, protein, fat, energy, and fiber found in soybeans and their byproducts, such as Soya Chilka, can help produce high-quality milk. They are included in the dairy cattle feed. It is a well-known source of cattle feed because of its low cost and several advantages. Moreover, it synchronizes the reproductive cycle. Soya Chilka is a nutritious food that guards against metabolic disorders or general deficiency syndromes.

Final Words!

The supplements for cattle feed are recommended. Before giving any supplements to cattle, please consult a veterinarian. Always pick goods examined, vetted, and approved by professionals.

The buffalo purchase app MeraPashu360 buy and sells cattle online for relatively reasonable costs, particularly the Murrah variety. One of the applications that sell the greatest cattle feed is this one. These skilled doctors respond right away with remedies.

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