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Best Age To Take Admission In Kindergarten

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Education in Singapore, kindergarten school fees in Singapore

The Ministry of Human Resource and Development has stated that children of 3 years should join preschool or kindergarten. If some delays occur, then the kid passes the cutoff age. This system is also known as “red-shirting” or “academic red-shirting”. In this system, parents make the children drop a year or two and make the admission in successive years. Reports have found that children who were red-shirted in kindergarten have better social skills and receive better cognitive learning. That’s why kindergarten is an essential stage for a child’s growth. Education in Singapore is the best example of how the structure of the education system should be. 

Things Parents Should Know Before Sending Toddlers To Kindergarten

  • Gross Motor Skills: These are the skills related to the physical activities of the toddler, like jumping, catching the ball, balancing, running, etc.
  • Fine Motor Skills: These include the muscle movement exercises like holding a pencil, lifting a book, etc.
  • Emotional Development: Parents must observe the moods of the kid. Happy or sad are the main two moods. With this determining factor, one can understand whether they are okay with joining the preschool. In kindergarten also, they should be able to interact with the teachers and fellow peers for more expression of their feelings.
  • Social Skills: This will determine whether the child can interact with the teacher and other students. The child must know how to initiate a conversation.
  • Cognitive Development: This is important because it will make the parents understand the level of understanding the kid can have. Whether they can retain many things or the capacity is less.

Education In Singapore

With a massive education success rate in Singapore, Singapore has become one of the best countries for education at each level, according to PISA. Since the 1990s, Singapore has been focusing more and more on developing creativity and innovation capacity among the students. They follow a “Teach less, Learn More” system, focusing mainly on regular practice and rote memorisation. 

Currently, Singapore is working on an initiative called “Every School a Good School”. Education in Singapore ensures that every school has enough resources to customise its program and raise the professional standard of teaching. It also tries to foster the relationship between the communities and schools.

Kindergarten In Singapore 

Kindergarten in Singapore is also known as the child care centre, a big learning place providing childhood education before they begin their compulsory primary education. These are either public or privately owned preschools or subsidised by public funds, for example, Baby Bonus Fund.

Regulations Of PreSchools In Singapore

  • They have to get the licence under the Early Childhood Development Centers Act of 2017.
  • An autonomous agency called the Early Child Development Agency (ECDA) under the Ministry of Education and Ministry of Social and Family Development regulates these centres.
  • Singapore is working on the development of children below 7 years.
  • The program comes with two segments called Kindergarten 1 and 2.
  • The sessions range from 2-3 hours of playgroups and 3-4 hours of nursery and kindergarten.

Kindergarten School Fees in Singapore

  • The kindergarten school fees in Singapore for the citizens of Singapore is around $160.
  • The kindergarten school fee in Singapore for permanent citizens of Singapore is around $320.
  • The Ministry of Education of Singapore has allocated the following fees.


  • The Singaporean child being a citizen of the country can enrol in an ECDA-licensed infant care/childcare centre. They will get basic subsidies. The working mother will get a subsidy of $600 for infant care and $300 for child care.
  • There are also additional subsidies of $440 if the family’s total monthly income is less than $12,000.

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PreSchool Teachers

  • They should be equipped with relevant National Institute of Early Childhood Development certifications.


Thus, the following article makes us understand the importance of Kindergarten in children. Education in Singapore is for the betterment of the children so that they enter the real world with prior practice of the demi sessions. Thus, the minimal kindergarten school fees in Singapore teach us how the system of KG should run. This is the step we are also following in the new National Educational Policy, 2020.

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