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Bright Ideas – How to Light Up a Bedroom

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Bright Ideas - How to Light Up a Bedroom

Your day begins with or ends in your bedroom, therefore it is deserving of extra consideration as it is essentially yours. Make sure that your bedroom is well lit.

Unsure of what to consider when looking for light fixtures or how many different types to use in your space? When shopping for bedside lamps, sconces, overhead lighting, and more, there are a few key considerations to bear in mind, according to designers.

Use the following tips to design a beautiful and effective lighting plan for your own bedroom.

Pay Attention to Scale It Up

Keep scale in mind while selecting lighting fixtures. Designers advise keeping bedside lights’ scales between 1/3 and 2/3 the width of the nightstand. When it comes to overhead lighting, scale is just as significant. Designers advise using a large, statement light fixture in large rooms with high ceilings. However, choose a smaller scale piece that doesn’t dangle too low if your ceiling has a standard height.

Designers like to place overhead lights eight feet above the ground as a general rule. “A lot of math is involved in design to make everything function.”

The size of the space may also affect how many lights your ceiling lighting has. It will probably be too bright for a smaller bedroom if there are more than two or three. “The room will get brighter with the more light bulbs there are.”

Make the Most of Natural Light

If you use natural light as much as possible, your house will look sunnier. Make the most of the sun’s rays by utilizing each corner. A room with an east or south-facing window gets plenty of early sunlight. A room with a south or west-facing window gets plenty of afternoon sun (a room with a south-facing window will be sunny all day).

Consider putting thin, white-gloss external shutters on the inner walls surrounding your windows for some visual relief.

Cover the Floor with A Big, Vibrant Area Rug

Add a light-colored rug to your bare flooring to brighten the space. Your floors will become softer and more textured as a result.

This is especially true if the floorboards in your darkened room are dark. You have the option of choosing a rug color from the white/ivory, yellow, or some warmer color combinations. Make sure the carpeting is bigger than usual to assist creating more visual space.

Select Minimalist Furnishings

Filling a darkened area with bulky furniture can increase the amount of shadows created and make the space feel even darker.

You can choose to get low-lying, minimalist furniture to prevent this. Establish a maximum height for your furniture and check to see that every piece is lower than the limit. This requires leaving out that bookshelf, regardless of how attractive it seems.

Allow plenty of space between furniture pieces so that lighting possibilities can flourish in the vacant spaces. Since it works so well with lighting, this theory is fundamental to mid-century modern design, which is perhaps why it became so popular.

Increase Artificial Lighting

Consider the number and quality of the light sources in your space to determine how best to employ lamps and other lighting fixtures to illuminate your house. As light bulbs lose their brightness with time, it is recommended to use LED lighting in your space to keep the lumens intact for a long time.

Replace your fixtures with new ones that can handle a higher wattage. Use full-spectrum daylight-imitating bulbs during the day to provide the appearance and sensation of natural light. Select transparent, light-colored lamp shades rather than dark or opaque ones.

Choose the lights carefully. Your walkway may be made safer with pathway lighting. Indirect reflecting lights won’t beam straight in your face but will slightly increase natural light. Behind-the-plant “up” lights will allow their glow to reflect off the ceiling and back into the space. Subtle lighting may be produced using recessed lighting, which can be found in cabinets or ceilings.

Remember that making the greatest use of lamps, light fixtures, and natural light will not only make your home appear brighter but will also make jobs easier and improve your mood.

Embrace White Walls

It’s likely mentioned in every decorating book you’ve read, but white truly is the greatest color for illuminating a dim space. White surfaces reflect light back onto other surfaces, expanding the appearance of the room relative to its actual size.

Do you find white to be overly monotonous? Think of adding decorative trimmings to the ceilings to provide texture or painting one side a cheery color to add some variety.


There are a number of simple methods to design your bedroom to make it feel lighter.

Finding the ideal illumination level may be difficult yet enjoyable. Additionally, it is a cornerstone of practically all current interior design trends.

As you can see, there are a variety of interesting and creative ways to lighten a dark space than simply painting everything white and hanging mirrors. We would love to see your pictures and hear about your experiences if you attempt any of them.

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