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Can I book a DVLA medical myself?

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Notifiable medical conditions are diseases that are of public health importance because they pose significant public health risks that can result in disease outbreaks or epidemics with high case fatality rates both nationally and internationally.

Expert View: One such example would be Ebola virus. This is a deadly virus that was declared a global public health emergency by the World Health Organization in July 2014. Because of its deadly nature, the WHO decided to classify it as a notifiable condition and required all countries to provide information on the Hgv medical bilston occurrence of the condition to the WHO. This was to facilitate immediate reporting of cases to the WHO to help prevent further spread of the condition. As the name suggests, notifiable conditions require notification to the WHO as a pre-requisite to any action.

The concept of notifiable medical conditions is a fairly new one. It originated from the Infectious Diseases Act of 1848 that was introduced in the UK Parliament by Lord John Russell, the Earl of Morley. It was introduced after he discovered that thousands of deaths were occurring from diphtheria. Since there were no reported cases of diphtheria at the time, it was not considered a notifiable condition. Lord Morley wanted to make sure that the government took the necessary measures to protect the people and reduce the risk of disease outbreak.

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