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Canopy Gas Struts: Why You Should Buy Them

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Gas Struts

Canopy gas struts are great for external doors and canopies, such as those on trucks and utes, and inside ones, like those on furniture and RVs. Canopy and tailgate struts compatible with ARB, EGR, and Carryboy are also available. While repair of these struts is not required very frequently, eventually, it will be necessary to ensure continued performance. A new strut should be considered if the door or canopy is losing its stability and shutting prematurely.

If you need to replace a gas spring but don’t have the canopy strut component number, think about the following.

  1. The heaviness of the entrance or exit
  2. Typically, a strut’s mounting distance will be 20% of the vertical distance between the ceiling and the floor (Depending on application).

The Function Of Gas Struts

For instance, if you buy the products online, you can check out the materials used for making the struts, whether they are rust-resistant etc.

Proper Method For Measuring The Length Of A Gas Strut

1. Measure your strut’s expanded length.

2. The gas struts may be adjusted to your specifications.

The length of gas struts is determined by equating the centers of each end ball joint to the overall length of the strut.

Without Ball Joints, The Length Of The Gas Strut Must Be Measured.

Two gas struts are required per door at all times. This ensures that both ends are supported equally to avoid the door from slamming shut. A door with a single gas strut installed risks warping or damaging the hinge. Find out the length of the door threshold and then use the gas strut.

Gas Struts
Gas Struts

How To Put In Gas Struts In Minutes:

After determining which gas strut in our selection will work with your door, you may proceed with the installation.

  1. You’ll need to prop the door open with caution. In most cases, this will be exactly 90 degrees from the closed position of a hinged door.
  2. The length at 90 degrees (P) is measured on the gas strut chart.
  3. Secure the top of the gas strut to the ceiling. As seen above, struts must be installed with the larger tube facing upward.
  4. Once the upper part of the strut has been attached, swing the lower part of the gas strut to the body’s side. You may use it to figure out where the base of your installation has to be.
  5. When the gas struts are installed, you may take out the temporary support you used to keep the door open. Now that you’ve installed the gas struts, your door should be supported by them.
  6. Ensure the gas struts are set up correctly for the door’s weight. To find the optimal setting for the weight of your door, you may vary the pressure on the gas struts.

When adjusting the door’s struts, adding some weight can help ensure that excess air is not let out. Ensure you’re not letting too much gas out of the strut by doing 3–5 pulses on each side and checking often. Remember that you can always release additional gas, but it can’t be reintroduced.

Canopy Gas Struts Need To Be Replaced Because Of The Following Reasons:

Hinges on horizontally positioned covers, doors, lids, and hatches are supported by gas struts or springs. They serve as a backbone, propping things up by raising them, pressing them down, or lowering and positioning them properly.

New struts may not be necessary often, but they may be necessary for particular situations.

  1. In the first case, you might want to install new canopy gas struts if the old ones are opening unexpectedly.
  2. A person utilizing the appliance might be seriously injured in such a scenario.

If A Client Does Not Have His Canopy Gas Strut Number, What Should He Do?

The client may have difficulty ordering replacement canopy gas struts if he cannot provide a part number or read the print on the broken canopy gas strut.


As a result of considering all of these factors, consumers can select the ideal canopy gas strut for their needs. The producer pays a premium to ensure their product is safe for consumers. You can use the gas struts in door and drawer channels, and they can be made of copper or plastic dumping to allow you the ease of use.

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