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Common Issues and Solutions: Rockspace Range Extender

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Rockspace Range Extender

This article is going to provide you with some insight on what to do when your Rockspace WiFi range extender stops working. Rockspace extender may stop working due to several factors. Some of these are incorrect Rockspace WiFi extender update of firmware, changes in the home network, misconfiguration, etc. Keep on reading to more about it.

Rockspace Range Extender Common Issues & Solutions

We are going to give you in detail information about a few possible situations that will help you identify if your extender has some issue. Also, you will find troubleshooting steps for the same situation in the same guide.

Situation 1: No Network Light on Rockspace Range Extender

At times, you may see that the network or signal LED light on the Rockspace extender does not glow. What could be the possible reason for this? It may happen when the extender is not able to receive the signal from the main access point or the router. The possibility is that due to the change in the password, incorrect firmware update, or any modifications on the Rockspace extender’s settings, the extender got disconnected from the main router network and is unable to access it.

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Here is what you got to do in such a situation whatever may the reason be:

  • If you haven’t done a firmware update recently, then try to fix the issue by rebooting the Rockspace range extender. Power off the device, wait for some time and power it on again. If this does not get the issue fixed then go to the next step.
  • If you have changed the WiFi password lately, then get to the extender settings and update the new password and try accessing the RockspaceWiFi range extender.
  • If both the above tips do not get you out of trouble then there is some other reason that is causing the issue. Consider resetting the extender by pressing the reset button on the device. After resetting, your extender will be changed to the default factory settings. Get the setup process done simply to begin accessing its network.

Situation 2: Blinking LEDs on the Rockspace Extender

Another possible situation when the Rockspace extender has some issue is its LEDs start blinking. If you find that LEDs on the extender are continuously flickering or blinking even after some time after it is turned on, then there is something wrong with it. It is an implication of either corrupted firmware or hardware malfunctioning. If the power gets turned off during the firmware updating process, the firmware gets corrupted and such a situation may arise.


Try the following troubleshooting tips to get this fixed instantly:

  • Locate and press the Reset button on the Rockspace range extender to reset it to the factory settings. This will delete all the customized data from the extender. And the good news here is that the corrupted firmware will also get deleted.
  • Once the reset is done, reconfigure your Rockpsace range extender. After the extender is reconfigured, get the firmware updated to the latest version. This should get the issue fixed.

Situation 3: Rockspace Range Extender Showing Red Light

Having a red light on your Rockspace extender indicates connectivity issues. This may happen if your extender is not receiving proper signal from the router.


In such a situation, do this,

  • Relocate your Rockspace extender within the range of the main router network.
  • Remove any devices or appliances like Microwave ovens, baby monitors, smart devices, wireless devices, walkie-Talkies, etc. which may interfere with the signal.
  • Avoid having any obstacles like heavy mirrors, thick walls, reflective surfaces, etc. in between the router and the Rockspace extender as this may affect the network by blocking it.

Wrap Up

This is all about various possible situations that may arise occasionally with your RockspaceWiFi range extender. We would like to suggest you always have a look at the firmware update releases. By getting your Rockspace extender updated you can always avoid having most of the extender related issues, as it improves the overall performance of your device. Simply, do the re.rockspace.local login to access your Rockspace range extender, and update your extender with the latest version of firmware.

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