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Creating A Functional Luxury Home, Technology And Add-On Ideas

by mohitjain
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Imagine waking up every morning to a high-tech home that allows you to live a life of ease.

No more worries about doing menial tasks that could be done through technology.

Finding a great builder Gisborne can help you realise this dream and more.

A good Gisborne builder can make your luxury home work for you — including all the high-tech extras.


The first step in creating a functional luxury home is to think about what your family needs and wants.

Do you like to watch movies? Are your kids in certain sports? Do you love to cook?

There are many rooms that you could have added to allow you to live a stress-free and abundant life — walk in dressing rooms, perfect home office, and the bathroom of your dreams, to start.

There are many options available that will allow your home to function and make your life easier.

When talking about functionality, don’t forget to discuss security and weather protection.

Ask your Gisborne builders what extras they can give you — they may have ideas that you haven’t thought of to make your home functional for you.

What add-ons are available?

The amount of possible add-ons is limitless.

High-tech kitchens with a sprawling pantry are a huge bonus for the foodie or cook. Basketball courts and infinity pools for the sports minded. Perhaps you like to entertain — think of having a home theatre, ballroom, or bar included in your luxury home. 

Maybe an upgraded shower sounds amazing to you — add a touch screen in your shower for temperature control, steam levels, music and many more features.

One of the newest add-ons for your luxury home includes wireless charging areas that can be built into counters, your desk or a table.

Don’t forget to plan out outlets, USB ports, and light fixtures — check into remote controlled lighting while you’re at it.

That’s the beauty of building your luxury home instead of buying it — there are so many extras you can include.

Best of all, you get to make your home unique.

Letting technology run the home

Living in such a tech-based world, how can you not ensure your home has the best?

Technology made for homes helps you do everything from cooking to cleaning. There are refrigerators that can give a detailed inventory of its contents. Smart ovens that can advise you how to use it to create the best flavour and alert you on your cell when the meal is done.

For the wine lover, you could add a temperature controlled wine cellar.

There are so many options that can be added and controlled remotely with a hand-held device — including on your phone.

Possibly the most important high-tech item you can plan to have is a security system — think cameras, motion sensors and smart locks.

A well-experienced Gisborne builder can build the functional luxury home you want and need.

Make sure to talk to your builder Gisborne about all your requirements and desires when it comes to functionality and high-tech goals.

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