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Detailed Instructions for Promoting Fashion Brands on Social Media

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By 2023, the online fashion market is predicted to be worth $872 billion, and 74% of consumers use social media to assist them in making purchasing decisions. Social media has thus become an essential marketing tool for clothing applications. Marketers have many chances to use social media to increase sales, solidify customer connections, and entice consumers to mobile applications due to the fashion industry’s emphasis on lifestyle, aesthetics, and culture.

Leading fashion companies have also shown the value of social media marketing on various channels. For instance, the online retailer ASOS has one million Twitter followers, 6.7 million Facebook fans, and more than 10 million Instagram followers. Choose the best fashion brand in Pakistan through this article.

Why Is Social Media So Important For Marketing Fashion Apps?

According to firms, social media marketing is becoming increasingly accepted in the fashion sector. Make the most of this online environment while ensuring your competitiveness. Implementing a solid social media strategy for your fashion app has several benefits. This includes:

  • Increasing Brand Recognition

Even if you aren’t using social media to sell products actively, a well-managed presence on a stage is excellent for growing brand awareness and client loyalty.

  • Speak With Your Audience

You may connect with your audience more deeply and develop a committed following by keeping up with fashion-related thought leadership and trends. A recent upgrade to Facebook’s business insights highlights the importance of highlighting your brand’s beliefs. Based on the promotion, “Customers now want better consideration for their uniqueness. A brand that upholds its principles and beliefs is preferred.

  • Excellent Client Service

If your aimed audience is already active on social media, they could decide to contact customer care using their chosen platform. Customers receive better service when they can reach your team in their preferred manner, which benefits your brand’s reputation and favorable evaluations.

  • Launch marketing campaigns

A substantial presence on social media will help you achieve your goals, and you may use it for sponsored marketing. Additionally, you may give your followers perks and deals that are just available to social media users.

Influence of Social Media Marketing

Social media account management and influencer marketing should be essential elements of your strategy. Influencer marketing budgets are growing yearly, and 17% of companies anticipate allocating more than 50% of their budget to this promotion. There are several ways you may work with influencers to increase sales and brand exposure.

  • Product Marketing

An influencer may publish content about your products on their social media pages, such as Instagram, Snap, or TikTok, in exchange for payment. It’s crucial to follow advertising best practices when investing in product placement, such as making it clear in the description that this is paid to advertise.

  • Gifts

Influencers may get gifts from the fashion industry, which they can distribute or evaluate as they see appropriate. This may be an effective influencer marketing tactic for businesses certain that a particular product will be in high demand and earn positive reviews.

  • Collaboration

Work with an influencer to produce lookbooks, blog posts, and curated content for your website, app, and social media channels. It’s usually feasible to cross-promote this content on both your and the influencer’s accounts. Giving a promo code to an influencer so they may share it with their audience is a novel kind of relationship. Using this particular code, you can determine which sales are associated with this marketing plan.

Social Media Marketing On Particular Platforms

Choosing which social media channels are worthwhile is a critical first step in developing a thorough plan. This will depend on the objective and target audience of your fashion app. We frequently recommend using various social media platforms to satisfy client preferences best. Each channel’s distinct qualities will give you new opportunities to achieve your goals. This section breaks down the most used platforms and offers advice on how to utilize them to develop your social media strategy.

  • Facebook

Facebook is the most frequently used social networking site globally, with 2.44 billion monthly users. In addition to standard postings, fashion app marketers may use Facebook for live broadcasts.

  • Instagram

Instagram is a popular platform for social media fashion influencers, and 69 percent of marketers plan to spend more money there this year than in any other market. Instagram’s 500 million daily active users touch the “Like” button 4.2 billion times every day. Instagram has a built-in purchasing feature that enables users to make acquisitions without ever departing the app. E-commerce businesses may also use this feature. Instagram provides various options to engage with followers, including posts, reels, stories, highlights, and IGTV.

  • TikTok

Each month, TikTok is used by over 800 million users, who may upload 15-second movies with soundtracks of their choosing. Even if the app is still in its early phases of monetization, brands may leverage hashtag tasks and user-generated content to create buzz and become viral. According to reports, fashion and beauty brands have drawn billions of views by promoting hashtag competitions that ask participants to post video remarks. According to the same article, there is some evidence that TikTok videos help people recall your company, per a different brand awareness study.

  • Pinterest

In the United States, the number of monthly users of Pinterest increased by 26% to 88 million last year, reaching 335 million.

Users report that 53% of their fashion-related purchase decisions have been influenced by Pinterest, making it clear that many people use the site as a platform for discovery to establish and refine their style. The same study suggests that multi-product Pins may have checkout rates that are 65% higher and click-through rates that are 50% higher.

  • Twitter

Social networking sites, where users are infamously limited to 280 characters, may be effectively utilized for marketing clothing brands. Each day, 500 million tweets are sent on Twitter by its 330 million active monthly users. By making use of Twitter’s virality, (2.1 million followers), Zara (1.3 million followers), and Missguided (466,k followers) have all amassed substantial followings.

For instance, has expertly grabbed the zeitgeist by discussing Emily in Paris, one of Netflix’s newest (and fashion-focused) programs. To appeal to the show’s audience, the fashion brand published an article outlining possible gift ideas.

  • Snapchat

This year, Ralph Lauren and Snap Inc. worked to provide their consumers with a VR experience. Snap Inc., in the second quarter of 2020, recorded two hundred thirty-eight million DAUs. Snapchat users may now accessorize their virtual selves with merchandisable Ralph Lauren items.

Several other fashion companies have creatively used Discover. For instance, Style Insider went to the Sperry factory to see the manufacturing process. Then, Snap’s Discovery gave its followers access to a thorough tutorial of this procedure produced by Style Insider.

Top Fashion Social Media Marketing Techniques

Whatever social media platforms you choose to employ as part of your overall strategy, following this guidance will help you acquire your daily content.

  • Utilizing Social Media

Your mobile app should include social networking to draw in more users. Users are encouraged to share the material they produce for their applications on social media. If your fashion app enables it, users should be able to share their lookbooks with friends and followers, for example.

  • Following Frequency

People will stop following you and lose interest if you post too regularly. On the other hand, infrequent engagement may prohibit you from maximizing the benefits of social media for your business. We propose planning and monitoring your social media production by setting up a publication schedule. This will permit you to keep a steady material flow and establish the best frequency for gaining followers and generating conversation.

  • Why Variety Is the Secret

A mixed content strategy yields positive results on a brand’s social media channels. Consequently, your accounts won’t come off as impersonal and dull. For best results, provide a variety of content, including blog posts, lookbooks, funny shareable content, user-generated content, and exclusive offers. Utilizing a variety of formats will enable you to make use of all the features that each social media site has to offer.

  • Make Users Active

Create a voice you and your team can use to communicate with users directly and publicly. Many businesses have found victory on social media by giving their marketing personnel access to commenting sections, direct messaging, and platform-specific channels like tweets.

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