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Discover Coorg at its Best with AMA!

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Kerala, a state in southwest India, is renowned as “God’s Own Country” and is one of the most beautiful regions in the country. The state is recognized for its colorful festivals, customs, dress, and delectable cuisine and is one of the most well liked tourist destinations in India. Kerala’s lush tropical greenery, lovely beaches, calm backwaters, and variety of flora and wildlife make it an ideal vacation spot for families and couples going on their first date.

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Local cuisine, celebrations, and artistic manifestations entice visitors. Onam, the state’s most important festival, is observed by both residents and visitors. Kathakali, a key traditional Indian dance style, is without a doubt a prominent example of Keralan traditions’ lively and exquisite quality. Kerala also has various wildlife refuges, large tea farms, and charming hill towns. Due in great part to these features, Kerala was voted one of the top 50 tourist destinations in the world by National Geographic Traveller. Tourists flock to Kerala all year round. Enjoy the best of the Coorg by booking a villa or a bungalow in South Coorg.

Kochi, the state capital, is located in southern India on the Malabar coast (also Cochin). Kerala guarantees that all sections of the state are easily accessible to visitors via modern road and train linkages, local and international airports, and other transportation centers. This region is also well versed in Ayurvedic practices, which are well known throughout the world for their cleaning and healing effects. The Kodavas,a native clan specializing in martial arts, are well known for their courteous demeanor. Coorg, often known as Kodagu, is Karnataka’s most prosperous hill station. It is famous for its lush greenery and amazing diversity. Hills covered in forests, as well as coffee and spice farms, add to the beauty of the area. Visit Coorg and learn about its history.

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The Pollibetta Bungalow, perched atop the Western Ghats, offers a unique view of a big coffee plantation, Coorg’s hills, and their various shades of green. This opulent vintage home is spaciously designed to allow space for natural light while the bungalow’s lofty ceilings contribute to its grandeur. Although fully equipped with modern facilities such as wireless internet, and satellite television, the cottage, with its courtyard, wooden flooring, and delicately etched Victorian furniture, brings you back to a time of the past.

Discover your inner happiness by taking it slowly. The AMA Stays and Trails vacation returns you to the fundamentals by letting you experience the simple life in historical bungalows in beautiful settings and introducing you to undiscovered forest trails and regional cuisine. Enjoy the best of Coorg by booking your villa or bungalow stay with AMA Stay and Trails.

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