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Discover the Pure Bliss of the Western Coast With AMA Stay and Trails!

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Bungalows in Mumbai

Mumbai, the capital of the Indian state of Maharashtra, is a striking contrast of chaos and promise, glamour and gloom, technology and heritage. Mumbai, formerly known as Bombay, is a well-known example of a multicultural melting pot known as the “City of Dreams.” Everything is incorporated into the city’s framework, giving it a distinct personality. Mumbai is a city that openly celebrates the stories of people from all walks of life, including budding actors hoping to make it big on the screen, Bolly superstars, wealthy businessmen, tribes of fisherman, and slum dwellers. Mumbai is a thriving, multiethnic metropolis that has long been one of the top hubs for the arts, music, dance, and theatre in the country.

Bungalows in Mumbai:

 The city that never sleeps is Mumbai. Mumbai, with its blend of traditional beauty and modern-day speed. One could say so much in praise of the one Indian city that everyone aspires to see at least once in their lifetime. That can be as a result of this city’s magnificence or the events in its past. Nevertheless, everyone who travels here will find a lot to like. It is the attractiveness of this metropolis that makes Mumbai’s tourist attractions unique in that they are all instantly recognisable from photographs. There are historical sites, spiritual hotspots, and other kind of locations here. To match the vibes, book bungalows in Mumbai with AMA Stay and Trails.

You can visit the Siddhivinayak Temple and the Haji Ali Mosque to satisfy your spiritual needs, or you can view the Gateway of India, Marine Drive, or the film city of Goregaon. Even the Bandra Worli Sealink, a recent addition to Mumbai’s list of captivating and terrifying locations, is accessible. Chowpatty, Juhu, and Aksa Beach are places that practically everyone in the city is familiar with and frequents on different occasions, whether they are looking for a place to hang out in a group, find solitude, or just have a romantic vacation. They are similarly sought after by the large number of visitors from outside Mumbai who come to Mumbai for the frolicking and munching experiences that are offered at these places. Mumbai is renowned for its shopping sector as well. Get the best of city of dreams while you book bungalows in Mumbai with AMA.

Villas in Madh Island:

Island has the breathtaking Arabian Sea to its west and Malad Creek to its east. The Island, known for its techno rave parties, is perfect for anyone looking to get away from the chaos and commotion of the city. Choose the nicest villas with the top modern amenities exclusively at AMA stay and Trails while searching villas in  Madh island.  On Madh Island, a charming two-bedroom cottage extends a cordial welcome for you to spend a delightful vacation there. The cosy rooms here are provided with modern conveniences but are still bursting with homely warmth and charm, so you’re sure to find comfort there. They are encircled by swaying coconut trees and located by the Arabian Sea’s crystal-clear waters. Learn about a region of Maximum City that is quite distinct from the crowded trains, congested streets, pounding bars, and lean skyscrapers. Break away from hustle and bustle, get your dream vacation stay at villa in Madh Island.

Villas in Lonavala:

Explore Lonavala while you stay in villas in Lonavala. One of the most lovely retreats that transports you away from the hectic bustle of the cities is Lonavala. It is situated in Maharashtra’s Pune district in the country’s western region. This hill station is located 64 kilometres west of the present-day city of Pune and 96 kilometres east of the large metropolis of Mumbai. Because of its strategic location on the Mumbai–Pune motorway, Lonavala can serve both cities with the best possible road connectivity. Get the best of the panoramic views while staying in villas in Lonavala.

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