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Desert Safari Dubai Economics

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Dubai Desert Safari Price

Every day we receive emails from potential visitors who seem lost on how to choose the best safari in Dubai. I want to say that Adventure Group offers the best Dubai Desert Safari Price. Instead, ask the safari company some key questions: Choosing the best desert safari in Dubai Camping type and group size I don’t know the nature or importance of your question.

Training Camp Community With Other Companies:

For those traveling on a budget, these camps are usually more budget-friendly and can offer good value for money. One drawback is that many companies eat at the same base, so hygiene, food quality, entertainment, and facilities may not be under the control of the company you booked with. In most cases, there is nothing the company can do when problems arise.

Large Private Camp (60-700 People):

Some safari companies operate their centers, often accommodating 550-650 or more guests per night. Very crowded deserts, long buffets, and lack of personal service are the main drawbacks.

Completed Private Camp (-100 Guests):

Not many, but some offer better service and a more personal and welcoming atmosphere—ideal for couples, senior guests, families, and people celebrating a special occasion.

Private Arrangement:

The best morning experience of the Dubai desert safari is here. Here, we have 3-4 staff for each visitor. Your experience is fully customized, and your privacy and satisfaction are guaranteed. Nothing ruins a special dinner for two like a “will battle.” 2) Does the company offer safaris, or is it a wholesaler?

Safari Wholesaler:

Most companies perform various activities as wholesalers. They select He One or He Two safaris suppliers and sell to these companies. Ask which company or camp they use and research their reputation. The main problem with wholesalers is that you have no choice if something goes wrong or you are not satisfied.

 Reliability I want to start with this point. Because we believe this is essential in deciding the best safari for you.  Also, check out the adventure group website for honest traveler reviews. Message the reviewers and ask them. Ask your hotel concierge for advice, but also check if there are suppliers the hotel contracts with, as they may be unable to provide unbiased advice.

Check the website: https://desertadventuregroup.com/vip-dubai-desert-safari/

Price usually, everyone starts with this question. However, like everything else, you get what you pay for in life. Below is a summary that explains why each safari is ranked as it is. Safari providers include Ultra Budget – Shared Camp, Freelance Safari Guides, and Dune Bashing. Price range: 80-101 dirhams.


The same service as above, but the price consists of a wholesale charge.

Price Range: 120-180 Dirhams’:

Great private camps at low prices, independent safari guides, dunes, and safari providers.

Price Range: AED 225-265 Premium:

We offer safaris in large private camps with a combination of in-house and independent safari guides. Price range: 270-370 dirhams. Exclusive – Small private centers with personal safari guides, wildlife viewing in specialized vehicles, and Dubai desert safari providers only.


Private environment, hired freelance safari guides, wildlife drives, lack of entertainment, and restrooms.

Safari Provider Price AED 900:

These ultra-luxury safari providers offer private surroundings, personal safari guides, wildlife drives in luxury SUVs, entertainment, and amenities. Price: 1600 dirhams with all your information, you can decide how to spend your precious vacation. And remember, with so much competition, you have to look at everything in relative terms. Even the most expensive safaris are cheaper than a typical dinner at a five-star hotel.

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