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Easiest Ways to Disconnect your Airpods from Connected Devices

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Disconnect your Airpods from Connected Devices

Worried about your AirPods being connected to every device and never disconnecting again?  Now you don’t have to worry anymore, because this post will demonstrate several different methods to Disconnect Airpods from all Devices, including your iPhone. This step is even necessary in the event that your iPhone model changes in order to utilize your headphones.

How Resetting your Airpods Disconnect Them

You can reset your Apple AirPods if they’re giving you trouble or if you want to sell them. This will erase all of the Bluetooth headphones’ stored information, including associated devices. In this useful guide, I hope you already learned how to go about doing this.

Simply placing Apple’s AirPods next to an iPhone and unlocking the charging cradle lid will do a reset. The headphones have been successfully reset if they do not instantly connect to the iOS smartphone. The above procedures must be repeated if they don’t link. Also available here is information on charging Apple’s wireless earbud case.

Why Unpairing Your Airpods is Important?

You must first uninstall the previous device before using your headphones with the new one. Here are some authentic reasons to do so:

  • A new pairing can solve the issue if the sound only comes from one earbud.
  • By re-pairing, issues with associated applications or music playback can be resolved.
  • The AirPods must first be unattached from your device in order to be sold. The purchaser won’t be able to establish a new connection if this is the case. . Check your warranty with Apple first to prevent getting hit with a hefty cost after the fact.

You can send the AirPods in for repair if the issues persist after a reset, you may purchase a single AirPod if it isn’t functioning properly.

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Signs that you Need Airpod Resetting 

  • Facing issues when trying to charge the AirPods  
  • Batteries for AirPods deplete fast.
  • The crackling sound coming from your AirPods.
  • Both the left and right headphones are silent.
  • Airpods do not connect quickly. 

How to Unpair AirPods from your iPhone

While Apple’s AirPods are excellent for music listening, a poor connection to your iPhone can make them problematic. Resetting eliminates all connections and might resolve issues.

If the AirPods hiss during playback or show erroneous battery statuses, for example, resetting to the factory defaults is appropriate. Resetting the AirPods to their default settings is also advised in case of connectivity issues.

The Methods

Step 1: Put the AirPods into the charging case first, and then for 15 seconds, press and hold the setup button on the backside of the case.

Step 2:  You can release the button once the status indicator on the AirPod case flashes alternately yellow and white. 

Step 3: Then take the cover off and re-pair your iPhone’s headphones.


We hope these tips and tricks will help you reset your air pods on your desired devices. If you are looking for some good air pods in the market, do try TheAirBudsPro, we’ve heard quite good reviews about them. 

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