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Elissar Lounge: The ultimate destination for shisha, oriental belly dancing and oriental parties in Hamburg

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Hamburg is a city that never sleeps. From its thriving nightlife to its cultural events, Hamburg has something for everyone. And for those who love a taste of the Middle East and its vibrant culture, Elissar Lounge is the ultimate destination. The lounge is the perfect place for anyone who wants to enjoy the best shisha, experience a mesmerizing belly dance performance or host an unforgettable oriental party. In this blog post we will examine why Elissar Lounge is considered the best shisha lounge in Hamburg, what makes their belly dance performances stand out and why their oriental parties are a must.

Best shisha lounge in Hamburg

The first thing that comes to mind when thinking of Elissar Lounge is their shisha. Elissar Lounge is a place where shisha is more than just smoking, it’s an experience. Their hookah menu is extensive, offering a variety of flavors from fruity to herbal to classic, and their hookah experts are happy to help you choose the perfect hookah. The lounge also uses high quality hookahs which are regularly cleaned and serviced to ensure every hit is smooth and tasteful. The atmosphere of the lounge is cosy, with comfortable seating and dim lighting, making it perfect for enjoying shisha with friends or for a romantic date night.

Oriental belly dance in Hamburg

Elissar Lounge prides itself on their belly dance performances that are one of a kind. The Oriental Belly dance in Hamburg Lounge are talented and mesmerizing, taking guests on a journey through the Middle East with their graceful movements and stunning costumes. The dancers are also interactive, encouraging guests to join in the fun and learn some belly dancing moves of their own. The performances are accompanied by Middle Eastern music that sets the perfect mood and offers an unforgettable experience.

Oriental party in Hamburg

If you are looking for a place to throw an oriental party in Hamburg, Elissar Lounge is the perfect venue. The lounge is equipped with all the necessary amenities, including a sound system and a dance floor, making it ideal for birthday parties, hen parties and even corporate events. The lounge also offers catering services that include a range of Middle Eastern dishes sure to delight your guests. Their team is always ready to help plan and coordinate your event and create a stress-free experience for you.


Elissar Lounge is the ultimate destination for anyone wanting the best hookah, mesmerizing belly dance perform.

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