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How Email Signatures Can Be Used As A Marketing Tool

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email signatures as marketing tool

An email signature provides vital information. This information includes identity, designation, company, and contact information. A well-designed email signature can result in better collaboration with clients and partners.

Current scenario business marketing practices dictate that it is not just used for corporate identity, but several other tactics and strategies as well. Marketers are utilizing every opportunity to leverage the business community for their own cause. Now the era is to employ an email signature side by side with email marketing to take advantage of both traditional marketing and digital marketing.

And this is most likely the best decision since email signature marketing allows a company to promote their message directly to their customers without being biased about its own products. On the other hand, emails are the most used source of communication amongst the employees of different business firms. First, let’s take a look at some of the eye-opening statistics about emails in further detail.

Email Is The Biggest Market

Email remains the most authentic and widely used business collaboration channel. This is regardless of the fact that social media has captured the communication industry all around the world. A recent study by Radicati Group has mentioned the following facts about the use of email globally:

  • The total number of business and consumer emails sent and received is about 281 billion per day, with an aggregate of 3.8 billion users.
  • This number is expected to rise, and that ratio will reach about 333 billion per day by the end of 2022, with 4.2 billion users.
  • The average number of accounts in use per person is 1.75 and will reach about 1.86 by the end of 2022. The growth is greater with consumer email accounts.

This research also concluded that people tend to have separate accounts for distinct purposes. For example, users can have different accounts for communicating with family and friends or shopping. This trend is useful and conducive for marketers to progress properly with much more convenience.

Reliable Proof To Justify Reasoning

Crowdwriter.com published a case study of their own strategies for improving the traffic on their web pages. This case study indicates that about 50% of people enter your website purely through email signatures instead of any other means. They stay for longer and surf more pages. Without a doubt, email signature marketing works. Let’s have a look at the factors behind why email signatures are such an imperative marketing tool.

1. Write Less But Say More

Nowadays, people believe in saving their precious time to accomplish a diversified list of activities. In line with human psychology and modern trends, the email signature provides us with the most competent way to convey desired information using the least amount of words possible. It carries the most crucial data in the email, which can help build trust and boost conversion rates.

example of email signature for marketing

There is no doubt that the email signature provides customers, clients, partners and leads with a choice to contact you back. They can even do this through the method of their convenience, whether it is a phone, email, instant messaging or website.

In addition to the contact information, the website link is a subtle invitation for people to visit the site and show their interest. With the information provided above, it is clear that people are more likely to visit your website if it is given in the email signature. It is hard to believe, but a few lines at the end of your message can actually bring more visits to your website in comparison to the entire text of the email. It is hard to believe, but this is reality.

2. Impeccable Brand Recognition

In this era where business needs technology, email signatures represent your brand, including your company website, if you decide to utilize the signature extensively. An email signature ideally contains at least an image that mirrors your business. You can decide whether it’s your company logo, a self-portrait or a product that defines your business best. You can also commit to highlighting the color of your brand logo to achieve extensive brand recognition.

3. Promoting Loyalty And Creating Trust

In the business world, highlighting awards and honors, customer success stories, their reviews and ratings promote client trust and loyalty. Email signatures provide the best opportunity to share your achievements with your customers and build a firm connection. Not only does it help you win customers’ faith, but it also sets you apart from your competitors.

4. Incorporating Social Media

Social Media is becoming more and more popular every second as we speak. Recent social media policies and trends, including advertising, have made it difficult to increase authentic interactions. In this situation, email signatures possess a remarkable intrinsic value to assist in boosting social media engagements by up to more than 10 percent.

Smart email signature generators allow you to add social media network buttons which can lead your users directly to the desired page in a single click. This is not where it ends. You can also feature current posts and pictures from your blog to include in your email signature. This will enhance the engagement rate of your prospective clients by at least 10%.

example of email signature as a marketing tool

Dissertation Assistance is the company I was working with during my internship. I started using their particular Instagram post’s links in the email signatures. Despite the fact that this strategy did not directly help them in increasing their page likes, however, they received a much better reach rate on the specified posts.

case study of email signature marketing

5. Provides A Variety Of Information

Apart from your business contact information, an email signature promotes much more, which includes:

a) New Features & Services

Businesses often spend loads of money launching their products and recent services. To increase the success rate of your marketing strategy, email signatures can also be utilized as a supportive weapon.

b) Promotional Videos

Studies have proved that people pay more attention towards videos than the actual text. If your business has a promotional video, it can be easily linked in the email signatures.

c) An Upcoming Event

With headlines such as “Register Now”, an email signature provides a great opportunity to highlight your event. A webinar, a social media live chat, or any particular event can easily be showcased through email signatures.

d) Discounts & Promotions

One of the best ways to promote ongoing discounts and special offers is through email signatures. It allows you to reach a variety of customers to interact with and promote your markdowns.

6. Following A Consistent Marketing Strategy

Consistent marketing is the key to a successful marketing campaign. This strategy provides about 20% more value to your brand.

On average, an employee sends 100 emails a day. If a company has 150 employees, ultimately, it sends 15,000 emails a day. Despite the cause of the email, its internal message, the subject line and the sender, the prominent color, logo and business email in each signature play a vital role in the consistent promotion of the brand and company.

What Creates An Engaging Email Signature?

Stephen A. Rains and Anna M. Young conducted an investigation on corporate members’ email signatures. They concluded that email signatures are the best tools to create a lasting impression. Which marketer doesn’t want free advertising? Further related to their study, it was found that different fields of business can effectively use different kinds of email signatures.

For example, pharmaceutical company representatives can use it to add their education to their signatures. The same is true for engineers, law and science-related companies using legal disclaimers. Whereas sales and product-based companies are more likely to use their professional title in email signatures to get the best response rate.

You will need to adjust your signature’s content based on the market type and the targeted audience. You can get recommendations from professionals and reputable writing services for creating the best email signature content. Apart from including the name, title, contact and company, the following are some simple tips to produce highly interactive and responsive email signatures.

  1. Include your self-portrait, as this will increase the chances that it will help recipients recognize you during face-to-face contact. Eventually, helping in developing better relations and stronger bonds of communication with a higher level of trust.
  2. Compulsorily include the logo of our company.
  3. Add social media links. This will make it easier for people to contact you on social media networks.
  4. Your final design should be mobile-friendly. This is because almost 68% of emails are viewed on mobile devices.
  5. Ensure that you follow all the legal requirements. Some companies have rules and regulations regarding which content they need to incorporate into email signatures.

Inscribing an email signature is substantially crucial to inter-office communication. It gives both parties a chance to comprehend the identities and reputations of the parties involved. In this case, it can give either party the opportunity to pull the appropriate strings to speed up the process. In the long run, it can become a symbol of self-assurance and conviction for the company.

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