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Enjoying The Amazing Squirrel In India

by mohitjain
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Squirrel In India

One of the most charming and interesting creatures of which there are more than 250 species is the humble or not so humble squirrel! From the small African Pygmy to the large Malabar Giant squirrel, there are some size differences but they are fascinating creatures with a lot of similarities across the world. Legend says the Indian Giant squirrel was blessed by Lord Rama for its help and that is how it got its three stripes across its back. Here are some fun facts about the squirrel.

They are smart

They not only store their food for when they need it, but they also do things to mislead other creatures who are trying to follow them to find their secret stash! They will create fake burial sites, for example, so they can keep their real store hidden. When it is scared it will freeze and go quiet to judge what is the best move for its survival. Often that will mean running up a tree but sometimes it will circle a tree and use the tunk to hide its body or run away in a zigzag path that is harder to follow.

Most are vegetarian

They are mostly vegetarian preferring flowers, nuts, roots, fruits and tubers but some will have small insects. They are able to gnaw through a lot of things because they have curved front teeth that keep growing and are sharp.

They are timid

Squirrels do not tend to be bold or aggressive. They are fairly timid and are not a threat to other creatures. If a human approaches an Indian giant squirrel or a larger animal they run away. They will return to that spot only when they are sure the threat is gone. They use both smell and sight to pay repeat visits to an area.

They are good planners

The fact that they store their food makes it clear the Malabar giant squirrel and other squirrel species are good at planning. They decide where the best spots are for their food to not be discovered and to be close to where they need it, and they use a variety of locations to give themselves a better chance at having a good food store for when they need it. They bulk up before the cold weather comes and they use things like feathers, grass, moss and cotton in their nests as well as twigs to add insulation as well as protection.

They protect each other

If one squirrel detects there is a predator nearby it will make a certain vocalisation as well as twitch its tail in a certain way to let the others know of the danger. The squirrel who made the alert is the one who remains in location and then leaves only when the rest of the squirrels are gone.

They help with forest growth

The Indian giant squirrel and other squirrels help the green things grow. They do not always eat every seed and nut they hide so sometimes those sprout and grow. Also, as they move around the trees, they help spread the seeds and such aiding the process of pollination.

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