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18 Features That Make the Live Streaming Platforms Flexible

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Live Streaming Platforms

Flexibility, scalability, affordability, quality, and more are very important when we talk about online event platforms. Hence, the best live streaming services provide various features and functionalities to make all the events seamless and immersive for worldwide audiences.

Here is a comprehensive list of live streaming features that make a solution flexible and scalable without sacrificing.

A List of Features for A Flexible And Scalable Live Streaming Service!

18 Features shared by the live streaming solutions making events flexible and scalable are as follows:

Parallel Multi-Platform Streaming:

You do not have to choose any one of the social media platforms or perform live streaming separately on every platform. Furthermore, with the best live streaming services for events, you can get a chance to go live on various platforms simultaneously. This way, you will be able to target and reach the different types, gender, and age of audiences. with the help of multistreaming platforms, one can easily attend the event from multiple channels at the same time.

Dynamic Device Support:

You do not have to restrict your audience reach by specifying any device to join the live streaming. Furthermore, the live streaming solutions offer multi-device functionality. Hence, attendees can use any mobile, pc, laptop, tablet, iPad, and more to join the event.

Unlimited Streaming:

You can get a whole time for streaming from start to end. However, on some social media platforms, you can face limitations for streaming. Furthermore, you have to get their premium version by paying a specific amount. But the webcast streaming service providers like Spectrum premier TV service deliver unlimited streaming so that you can go live for enough time as you want.

Third-Party Integration:

You may like a great number of opportunities for engagement, communication, and networking. Hence, the live streaming provider allows the integration of any external application and software into your live streaming.

Branded Logos:

You can build logos for your brands and sponsors. Furthermore, it can be helpful in displaying and promoting your brand simultaneously with your event.

Branded Frames:

You can make your speakers look more attractive and offer various information with the frames. Furthermore, the in-person event platform allows you to create different frames of your brand and showcase them with your speakers. It can be helpful in making your audiences remember you without hassle.

Multilingual Content:

If you want to acquire global audiences with your event, it is essential that you adapt their language and then reach them. Hence, the best live streaming services offer multilingual captions and content sharing. Now, you will be able to convey all the information to worldwide users in their own languages and service ideas.

Countdown Timer:

It is essential to create a sense of urgency among the audiences to make them take some action. Hence, you can use the countdown timer on the registration, sales, and landing pages. Also, display it before your event begins to show the time left in your live streaming.

Real-Time Archiving:

Your latecomer audiences do not have to miss anything. Furthermore, they can watch the whole live streaming from the very beginning. Hence, you can integrate real-time archiving that can help them come to your event late and watch the entire event to continue from the present video.

Live Chat:

You need a proper feature in your online event that can be helpful in clear communication. Hence, the live streaming services offer a live chat option. Furthermore, all the attendees, speakers, sponsors, and everyone at the event can send text messages to anyone without hassle.

Emoticon Reactions:

You can use different emojis to help the audiences share how they feel in the live session. Hence, the audience can use emoticons to share various experiences with the audience, such as thumbs up, smileys, and others.

Like and Comment:

Audiences like to share whatever they feel and their opinion with the speakers in a live session. Hence, you can provide them with the like and comment section. Furthermore, the live streaming service providers integrate a thumbs-up sign that anyone can click and share like a sign with the expert. Also, users can write in the comment section about various things they want to ask, share, or suggest to the topic specialist.

Personalized Ticker:

You may have a lot of announcements, updates, changes, and other essential information to share with the audience. Hence, the live streaming services in India offer personalized Tickers. Furthermore, it is a push notification that you can write, including the name of your attendees.

Live Audience Interactivity:

You may need to create a 2-way live communication for the audiences and speakers. Hence, you can ask the events live streaming services as they provide an option to send an invitation to the participant and make them join the live stage with the expert. Furthermore, they will be able to ask questions in real-time and get a solution without delay.

Content Delivery Network:

High performance and availability are a must for all online events. Hence, you will need a live streaming solution that can assure you of high-quality content sharing with CDN. They must be able to make your event video reach worldwide.

Multi-Bitrate IP Encoding:

The live streaming service providers make your event video adapt to all the conditions of the internet and other streaming conditions with multi-bitrate IP encoding. Hence, your live streaming goes live to the global audiences combating traffic fluctuation over bandwidth.

Internet Connectivity Solution:

You can get high-internet connectivity with the live streaming solutions, avoiding all the lagging or hindrances. Hence, you can now get a full live streaming reach without disturbance or buffering between the events.

24/7 Customer Support:

Technical issues require expert suggestions to resolve and get back to your live streaming. Hence, the best live streaming services offer 24/7 customer support for global audiences troubleshooting all the tech problems in real-time.

So, these are the various features and functionalities you can get with the best live streaming services. Furthermore, it makes their platform more flexible, scalable, and easy for users to get started with live streaming without hassle. Hence, you can get more engagement, interactivity, and networking opportunities in your live streaming.

Hope, you will find this article beneficial in learning all the features and functionalities of making a live streaming platform flexible in 2022.

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