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Five Starters Tips to Fix Linksys Extender Orange Light Issue

by ryaansao
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In case the LED light on your Linksys wireless range extender is blinking orange, then you have come to the right place in search of a solution. The reason being, here you will find every troubleshooting hack required to help you turn the status of the light from orange to green. For your information, if you own a Linksys router and are experiencing the awful Linksys router red light issue with it, then the same troubleshooting hacks can be applied. With that, continue reading this article.

[Fixed] Linksys Extender Orange Light Issue

  1. Give Your Service Provider a Call

The very first reason why the LED light on your Linksys wireless range extender is blinking orange is because your Internet Service Provider is not doing his job properly. In order to confirm the same thing, it is recommended that you get in touch with him.

Does he agree that things are indeed not right from his end? Is that a yes? Well then, be polite and request him to fix them in a couple of hours. In case, your Internet Service Provider fails to help you out, then you can follow the next troubleshooting hack. We are hoping that it will help you out.

  1. Check the Ethernet Connection

The Ethernet cable through which you have connected the Linksys wireless range extender to the host router, if it is damaged, then also you can experience the Linksys extender orange light issue. In order to take care of it, you have got to replace the cable.

It is recommended that you ensure a finger-tight Ethernet connection between the networking devices. And this can be done if you connect the cable to the ports located on them properly. Trust us, it will work for you. Just have a little faith.

  1. Place the WiFi Devices in Proximity

Extenders were built with the very purpose of extending the range of the internet provided by the existing router. However, if the distance separating them is way too much, then signal transmission will not be able to happen properly.

Taking this into account, you should place your networking devices close to each other. But, not so close that their WiFi signals start clashing. Or else, do you know what will happen? You will come across other technical issues in the future. You don’t want that, do you?

  1. Upgrade the Extender Firmware

In case you are still experiencing the Linksys extender orange light issue, then it might be because your wireless range extender is functioning on its outdated version. To take matters into your hands, you need to update the firmware of your Linksys device to its most recent version without wasting any more time.

There is only one method through which you can execute the Linksys extender firmware update process, i.e. Manual method. The Linksys application can only be used to update the firmware of a Linksys wireless router.

  1. Do Linksys Extender Setup Again

Despite following all the troubleshooting hacks mentioned above, in case you are a sad victim of the Linksys extender orange light issue, then you have got to perform Linksys extender setup right from scratch. You can do so with the help of the WPS method. In case you want to avoid committing mistakes while performing the process, refer to the manual.

Remember we said earlier that you can also fix the router red light issue with these hacks? We forgot to tell you; you can do the same if you face the Linksys Velop red light issue.

Sum Up

Troubleshooting the Linksys extender orange light issue is considered a daunting task by many users out there. Considering you are amongst them, we hope that you will be able to convert the status of the LED located on your networking device from orange to green with ease. If what we are hoping for comes true, then feel free to share your reviews about this article with your fellow readers using the comment section.

Also, while learning how to resolve the issue at hand, if you figured out some other way through which it can be fixed, then share that as well with your fellow readers. Chances are they will get assisted by your hack rather than ours. Sounds great, isn’t it?

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