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Fix: Outlook not Connecting to Gmail

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Fix Outlook not connecting to Gmail

The Outlook app has been a big advantage and good thing for the professionals as it has helped them a lot. Especially for the people who are managing multiple accounts everyday for professional purposes as this platform helps the people handle multiple emails 

When the users want to configure any email account they want they can do it immediately and it won’t ask from the users to fill in the password and this is why this platform has been considered as secure platform by email service providers like Gmail, Yahoo and AOL, etc. 

But there are many users who are not able to use Gmail from Outlook and are dealing with issues like Outlook won’t accept Gmail password but the users do not need to worry as in this blog we are going to provide with the ways which they can use to fix this error. 

Why is Outlook not Connecting to Gmail Account?

There are several reasons because of which the users are not able to connect to Gmail and some of which are – 

IMAP or POP 3 servers are inactive for the users. 

The Gmail login details which are filled in the users are invalid. 

It is possible that the incoming and outgoing addresses or the emails are incorrect. 

If the users are having internet accessibility issues then also the users will face this error. 

There can be some issues with the Outlook app causing this error. 

Fixing Outlook Cannot Connect to the Gmail Account Problem for the Users – 

Before the users change the Outlook or the Gmail settings to fix can’t connect Gmail to Outlook 365 the users are supposed to check which are – 

  • The users need to check the internet connection of the device they are using and ensure that the internet connection is stable.
  • The users also need to disable the firewall and the other security apps which are running on the device of the users. 
  • The users also need to correct the time zone as well as the date of the users. 
  • The users also need to check for the update of the app which the users are using so that they can fix it. 

Checking the Login Details of the Users – 

If the users are not able to log into their Gmail account and they are supposed to check the login details of their account also the users should also try to update the password of the application they are using. 

The users need to open the Outlook application on the computer they are using and then they need to hit on the files button of the menu. 

The users now need to push the account settings button and they also need to select the Gmail account also, the users also need to tap on the modify or button whichever the users see in front of the screen. 

Allowing third party apps or the less secure apps of the device – 

The users need to first log in to the site https://myaccount.google.com/ with the help of their browser which they are using on their device. 

The users need to tap on the security option which they will find on the screen in the left pane, followed by this the users need to move ahead to the following step. 

The users now need to tap on the option of allow less secure app option which is provided for them on the screen and finish the process.  We hope that the users have fixed the issue following the ways which are provided for them in the blog and were able to Allow outlook to access Gmail.

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