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Gift hampers that can be sent any time of the year

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Giving and receiving gifts has become a part of life. Whether it is for a particular occasion like birthdays or anniversaries or if it for a festival – people love sending gifts to the people they love. In fact, because of busy professional lives many do not live in the same city or country anymore. Hence, to keep the bond strong people keep sending gifts to each other even if it is not a special day.

To send online gifts to Pakistan, one can easily order gift items from online gift sites, and they can deliver the item to the given address right on time. A lot of people are preferring gift hampers and baskets these days because one can add various items together and send it as a gift to their loved ones.

Hamper ideas

Though one can get readymade hampers of different themes at online sites – sometimes one may also feel that they want to make the hamper on their own. They can easily do that for friends and family living in the same city or the country. This is because those baskets that are available online are premade and there are little to no chances that one can customize that.

Fruit Hampers

This can be easily made at home, and one should send this hamper strictly within the city or to a city that is nearby. Here, one can add different sorts of fresh fruits both seasonal and those that are available throughout the year. One can also make a basket of dry fruits if they want to send it to a different country. There one can add packs of cashews, almonds, pistachios and small pouches of dried berries like blueberry and cranberry.

Cake and Cookie Hamper

In this basket one can add some endless varieties of cakes and cookies because there are many options to choose from. If it is Christmas time, then one can always go for the fruit cake or a dandy cake. But otherwise, there are various muffin and cupcake choices so from which one can easily choose. One can also go for tea cakes because they are perfect with a cup of hot brew.  Apart from cakes one can add small pouches of cookies like butter cookies, chocolate chip cookies, blueberry cookies and more.

Art and Paint Hamper

Does your friend or sibling love to draw and paint? If the answer is yes, then this is the perfect gift basket for them. One can add a few art paper in the basket and along with that a set of crayons and acrylic paints. These days some nice handmade papers are also available, and one can add them because they are the perfect canvas for a sketch. One can add a set of HB pencils as well for sketch purposes.

Gourmet Hampers

It is best to order them online because all the gourmet items are selected and put in the basket by the site and they have a fairly nice collection. From cheese to chocolates to homemade cookies – all can be added here.

To send cheap gifts to Pakistan – one must order from online sites.

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