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How Gojek Clone’s “Online Video Consultation” Benefits On-demand Businesses in Philippines?

by ryaansao
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What is the most effective way to use online video for your consulting firm given its popularity?

How can it boost your internet visibility, offer more app downloads, and provide customers with a fantastic experience in Philippines?

You can achieve this and much more with V3Cube’s Gojek Clone Online Video Consultation Feature. App owners can widely benefit by using this feature, leveraging it as a marketing tool. As a business owner, you have more options than ever to get in front of potential customers so they can get to know what are their preferences, likes, dislikes, and most importantly which services are more in demand.

Here are potential benefits that you can enjoy leveraging Online Video Consultation Feature:

  1. Distance is no more a concern anymore

Video consultations are a crucial tool in a pandemic. Video consultations can be used to limit the exposure of high-risk patients to other individuals even without the crushing weight of the virus (and therefore diseases).

Apart from patients, this feature can be used for Connecting with tutors, astrologers, any type of consultation services, fitness instructors, and more.

Furthermore, people who lack both physical and social mobility (such as those who live in isolated areas without access to transportation or cars) can still obtain the consultation from the comforts of their homes.

Thinking more broadly, video consultations will likely result in fewer missed appointments (and lost working hours), which will be advantageous for both the economy and the person.

  • It’s a Real-time chat

With real-time chat API, professionals may communicate with customers via chat and make decisions quickly. This establishes a secure environment where users can communicate in private while using end-to-end encryption.

  • It makes it easy for the service providers to demonstrate their expertise

This helps to increase the size of your customers. The on demand app feature engages consumers by making it easier for the service provider to display their expertise. There will inevitably be an increase in visibility when the abilities are directly accessible and the users can obtain their resolution without physically visiting. As a result, the service provider’s products or services are more widely known, and as a result, more people download the app.

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  • It creates an awesome consumer experience

Video Consultation feature is a terrific means to enlighten, educate, and spread knowledge; it’s not only there to be used as a sales tool. Your users will enjoy this feature using whenever they require hiring services like Fitness instructors, Doctors, Physiotherapists, Lawyers, Astrologers, etc. It is one of the cost-effective ways to make your users glued to using your app.

  • It is comfortable and convenient

Users can complete consultations using the online video consultation option without sacrificing their work schedule or other responsibilities. Numerous people have irregular schedules and work in shifts; for them specifically, this feature is a boon. This function, helps them do their assignment without compromising their daily schedule. 

  • Security and Privacy

Many people are yet to be familiar to talk with Skilled Experts online. That’s why you can feel secure knowing that you’re using a secure system and server when you talk to a virtual service provider like a doctor, top medical billing companies in new jersey, fitness expert, vet, etc. Your data will always be kept secure. Every conversation you have with your Virtual Expert online is private as always.

In Conclusion

Every technology provides benefits of one kind or another. Online video consultation has made it easier for professionals from every walk of life to communicate with patients, and its accessibility feature helps users and service providers both be approachable and manage their services, and offer consultation accordingly in Philippines.

Our team of knowledgeable developers at V3Cube creates effective mobile applications. We at V3Cube are completely prepared to offer the highest caliber services using the most recent trends and technologies. Consider that you are a medical professional looking for a website design firm that offers video consultations. If so, you’ve come to the right place because we have a ready-made online application for online video consulting. Get in touch with us for further information.

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