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Great Tips to Increase Your Home’s Humidity In Winter

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When the temperature drops and the humidity drops with it, you may find that you need an extra boost to keep your home feeling comfortable. Maintaining adequate humidity levels is important for several reasons; when humidity levels are too low, your family is likely to experience respiratory issues from breathing air that’s too dry, which can even trigger asthma attacks.

Here are some simple suggestions to help you boost the moisture levels in your home this winter:

Add some houseplants

We all need to increase the humidity indoors during dry winter months. Houseplants give off humidity and act as natural air scrubbers. A few houseplants placed in strategic locations will increase the overall level of humidity in your home, leaving you healthier and more comfortable.

Seal doors and windows

During winter, cold and dry air seeps into your home, causing the skin to feel dry and tight. Also, you may find yourself using your heater more often during the colder months, which dries things out even more. Keeping doors and windows sealed or double-paned can help keep the air inside warm and moist.

Use a room fan

Use your room fan to increase the humidity in your house during the cold months of winter. When you run your furnace, turn on a room fan to move air into other parts of the house. This helps distribute heat more evenly and adds moisture from the air.

Install a humidifier

Humidifiers are an easy way to ensure you’re comfortable, and they help regulate indoor humidity levels to minimize unpleasant dryness and irritation. To keep your family healthy in winter, you need to humidify your room. In dry weather, a dry and high-pressure environment will have a negative effect on the human body’s physiological condition and can cause serious illnesses. So if you cannot avoid staying at home often in winter, it is recommended to install a humidifier in your bedroom.

Upgrade your furnace to operate with a humidifier

Upgrade your furnace to operate with a humidifier. A furnace humidifier helps prevent dry, itchy skin by adding moisture to the air during heating months. Ask your trusted heating repair Jupiter regarding the cost of a furnace upgrade in your home. Call now!

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