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Grounds About Fuel & Automatic Transmission Fluid Price Fluctuations

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Automatic Transmission Fluid

Everyone is quite concerned about the swings in fuel costs since they have a negative impact on their lives. The causes for the ups and downs in gasoline costs are several. As they have an impact on a number of variables, such as the price of oil and automatic transmission fluids, seasonal demand, commodity speculation, and the fluctuation in the value of the dollar, fuel costs have been operating like a roller coaster. An increase in gasoline prices on the global market has an impact on the nation’s economic growth, which in turn impacts how easily ordinary people can pay for basic necessities like food and transportation.

Reasons for the Ups and Downs in Fuel Prices

As the demand for goods and services develops faster than the supply, the prices at the pump make it difficult to live a regular life. The gasoline providers in Dubai offer high-quality, low-sulfur automobile fuel and have a wealth of industry knowledge. Let’s go deep to discover the causes of the increase in gasoline prices, whether they are falling or rising.

The total cost of crude oil

The price of gasoline is directly impacted by changes in the price of crude oil, a commodity traded on the global market. The fluctuation in gasoline prices may be reflected in the demand for and supply of crude oil. Political unrest or global crises may significantly affect crude oil prices, which in turn affects how quickly gasoline prices climb or decrease.

Amount Paid to Dealers

Since they are in charge of gathering and distributing crude oil, Oil Marketing Companies (OMCs) play a significant role in deciding the price of fuel. Freight expenses, refining prices, and other factors, among others, affect how much fuel is priced.

Fuels subject to central excise duty

The Central Government imposes an indirect tax on gasoline and diesel under the name of excise duty. The Excise duty on gasoline is fixed and does not change in accordance with changes in the price of fuel or crude oil.

Consequently, the central excise charge levied by the government is included in the retail price of gasoline and diesel.

The demand for the best engine oil in UAE

Fuel prices rise and fall as demand changes, depending on whether there is an increase or drop in demand. The number of automobiles on the road has significantly increased in recent years. Consequently, when prices rise, so does demand.

Whether it be sales tax or VAT

The sales tax or Value Added Tax (VAT) on petroleum goods is a significant source of income for both the federal government and the state governments. This depends on a number of variables, including the excise duty levied by the center and the commission paid to the dealers, among others.


We are well aware of the factors that contribute to price fluctuations in the best engine oil in UAE, which is the subject that is most frequently addressed. Common folks who have actual hardships in their everyday lives are impacted by soaring fuel prices. Since the price of gasoline and diesel is heavily influenced by the price of crude oil on the global market, it is now necessary to take proactive measures to manage the issue.

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