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Hacks to Fix Slow Internet Connection of Netgear Router

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Slow Internet Connection

In this modern era, internet plays a crucial role because, with the help of the it, people do their online work easily and also stay connected with their friends and family members. So, that is why millions of people use the Netgear router for the internet connectivity. But, somehow users of Netgear face slow internet speed on routers. If you are also experiencing the same and want to fix slow internet connection issue with Netgear router, then you have come to the right place. Here, we discuss this issue in detail and also give some troubleshooting tips so that you can get high speed on your router.

First, we start with the reasons that cause this slow internet issue. By being familiar with the reasons you can easily understand the situation and will be able to tackle the problem.

Reasons Netgear Router Slow Internet

  • Weak internet connectivity from your ISP end.
  • Usage of outdated firmware.
  • Broken Ethernet cable.
  • Weak power supply.
  • WiFi interference.
  • Distance between router and modem

Hence, these are the reasons that cause this issue on your Netgear router. To solve this problem, you need to read out the upcoming passages which elaborate on some suitable solutions that will assist you.

Fix: Netgear Router Slow Internet

Restart the Router

The very first thing you should try is the restart process. It is seen that most of the Netgear users perform the reboot process to solve the issues related to the Netgear router and they were successful in this. So, you should also try to restart your device to solve the issue, maybe you are in luck and able to resolve the problem.

To restart you can follow the outlined steps:

  • Initially, you need to cut off the power supply of the router from the power source.
  • Remove the Netgear router from the power socket.
  • Give the recovery time to the router.
  • Plug the router again into the respective wall outlet.
  • Now, press the turn-on button until you see the light on the router.

This is how you can easily restart your device in less time. Now you should check your device’s internet network to make sure that it is working fast or not. If not then don’t be sad. Just move to the next hack.

Check the Wired Connection

If you connect your device with an Ethernet cable, then you should check it. The reason is, sometimes the Ethernet cable is damaged and broken mistakenly by the user using the damaged Ethernet cable which leads to a slow internet issue on the router.

In case you find a damaged or damaged area on the Ethernet cable, then you need to change it as soon as you can to tackle the issue.

Update the Firmware

If your device is running into the old version then you need to update it because outdated firmware puts the device at higher risk. First, we recommend you check the firmware version to make sure that your device is running on its latest version or not. You can access the default IP address of the Netgear router. If you found your firmware version outdated then update it as soon as you can.

Remove WiFi Interference

The meaning of WiFi interference is that your device’s WiFi network is disturbed by metal objects or electronic devices like smart TV, microwave, Bluetooth speaker, and many more. These devices have electromagnetic waves that cause WiFi interference. So, if you configure your device near the home appliance then, you should try to change the placement of your router to remove the WiFi interference.

Hence, these are the suitable solutions that you can perform to increase the speed of the router WiFi.


Now you know very well why your Netgear router gives a slow internet speed. You can solve this issue easily by performing the above-mentioned solution and getting the internet speed high in no time.

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