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Have A Look at Some of the Most Unique Styles of Rigid Boxes

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Rigid Boxes

Product packaging is very simple if you just want to cover your products in ordinary boxes. But, if you want to get the maximum attention of customers, you need to package products in luxury boxes. Packaging boxes come in various shapes, sizes, and styles. Besides that, prints of different boxes vary widely. Let’s discuss the most luxurious packaging that not only looks expensive but also makes your products look more valuable. That’s nothing other than rigid box packaging. Its sturdy structure speaks for its quality. Some of the most unique styles of rigid packaging include:

Magnetic Closure Boxes

These boxes contain a magnetic closure that provides a sturdier structure than the Custom Rigid Boxes. You can get these boxes for a variety of products especially perfumes, expensive cosmetics, makeup, and gift products. Fashion items like watches, jewelry, shoes, and many other luxury products look mesmerizing in these boxes. You can get these boxes customized in unique shapes and sizes for your needs. Flexible paper materials are used to make rigid product boxes. That’s why one can get these boxes customized in any size per the product’s needs. When these boxes are customized with rigid inserts, they look perfect for rings, necklaces, etc.

Flip-Top Magnetic Lock Boxes

These also comprise magnetic closure except for the lid that moves in the reverse direction giving the whole packaging a fully covered structure. You can get these boxes for any kind of product based on your needs. As the size is customizable, you can design this packaging for the smallest products like little diamonds or heavy products like mobile phones, PlayStation, etc. Moreover, the flip top provides an easy but memorable unboxing experience that allows users to easily open the packaging. One flips the top lid to look at the product. Once you leave the top flap, the magnetic lock again covers the inside products.

Rigid Boxes

Foldable Boxes

You might be wondering if rigid packaging boxes are so sturdy they are not good for the one looking for foldable boxes. Well, to your surprise, custom rigid packaging boxes are also made to fold according to your requirements. Foldable rigid packaging boxes are made with collapsible side panels which flatten when you compress them in. You can easily get rigid packaging back to its original shape by stretching the side panels. Thus, even if you get wholesale rigid boxes, you don’t need to worry about storage. The compact structure of custom foldable boxes makes them ideal for storage.

Boxes with Detachable Lids

Boxes that are dividable because of their detachable lid and tray are one of the most popular styles of rigid packaging. Two-piece custom rigid boxes are good for sensitive yet expensive products. The most interesting thing about these boxes is that they are suitable for all kinds of goods. You can get detachable rigid box packaging for clothes, shoes, bags, and suits. Besides that, these boxes are used to package delicious edibles like chocolates, truffles, cakes, and many more. Depending upon your requirements and preferences, design these boxes with colors, prints, and surface finishes to attract customers.

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Shoulder/Neck Boxes

Rigid should neck boxes are also detachable but the structure is quite distinct. There is a neck-like space between the lid and tray that gives these boxes a more unique appearance. It’s one of the most used packagings for expensive products. The charm of these boxes is easy to enhance with the latest printing techniques. Besides that, you can color these boxes with CMYK and PMS color models that offer deep color printing. Furthermore, shoulder rigid boxes with logos are highly effective in the business promotion if utilized wisely.

Drawer Style Boxes

You must have seen these adorably attractive boxes that are everyone’s favorite. The slide style of these drawer-style boxes makes them pleasing to use. You can get these boxes for delicate products. Drawer-style rigid packaging attracts customers because of its easy use. One can design these boxes for makeup, skin care products, ornaments, and much more. The lid and tray of these two-piece boxes slide over each other just like a drawer. You can put your sensitive products in these boxes just by sliding the tray.

Rigid Boxes

Boxes with Partial Cover

The partial cover does not actually mean your packaging is half or partially covered. Or, does it mean that? Don’t get yourself confused. The partial cover means there the lid has a window cut that is covered with a PVC sheet. This provides a glimpse of your products through a transparent PVC sheet. Thus, you can get rigid packaging with a partial cover to allow customers to look at what you are offering. Furthermore, it increases product damage because clients don’t need to open the packaging to look at the inside products. The window cut is customizable in any shape or size of your requirements just like the boxes.

Book-Style Rigid Boxes

Book-style boxes contain a cover just like the book you read. You can flip the cover and look at the products. These rigid packaging boxes look perfect for stationary products and instruments. However, you can personalize these boxes for all sorts of products. Ranging from the cosmetic industry to the medicine industry, these boxes are easy to design for your products. For example, book-style rigid gift products designed with ribbons and colorful prints are highly appreciated by many gift sellers. You can also get rigid packaging for retail products that are of high cost. Besides that, you can customize the shapes such as cylindrical boxes, hexagon boxes, or any shape of your choice to design premium rigid packaging for products.

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