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Highlights of the Pangarchulla Trek

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At a height of 15,069 feet, hike through the rocky ridge to reach the captivating peak.

Observe the Nanda Devi Sanctuary, a visual feast with a landscape that varies with every upward heave and downward scurry.

Experience the thrill of viewing magnificent peaks like A few examples include Mount Nanda Devi, Chaukhamba, Donagiri, Kedarnath, Neelkanth, Haathi-Parbat, and Ghori Parbat.

Get the chance to experience some of the spectacular views of the mountains, valleys, and deep forests.

Overview of the Pangarchulla Trek The Pangarchulla Peak Trek:

Pangarchulla Trek, one of the most renowned paths in the Garhwal Himalaya, is adorning the Lord Curzon circuit.  The snow treat will be the lone distinguishing feature of your wintertime excursion to Pangarchulla Peak.

The paves are encircled by magnificent snow-capped scenery, deep woods, and appealing lush foliage.  

6 days and 5 nights.

15,069 feet is the highest point.

Trekking Pangarchulla Peak: Moderate to Hard

How to travel to Joshimath

By Air:

 Dehradun’s Jolly Grant Airport is the closest airport to Haridwar. From Mumbai or Delhi, as well as connecting flights from other Indian cities, travellers can fly directly to Dehradun.

Getting to Haridwar by Rail With frequent trains to Delhi (4-5 hours) and Dehradun, Haridwar Junction Railway Station (IR station code: HW) is well connected by train (1 hour). A few trains run to Rishikesh each day as well.

By Road:

All major cities and towns are well connected to Haridwar by roadways, so people can use the bus to get there easily according on their preferences and comfort levels. Haridwar is related at 4,590 metres, Pangarchulla, an amphitheatre for the entire Garhwal Range, is ideal if you want to experience the high mountains up close while staying at a manageable elevation. It must be one of the rare summits that introduces you to challenges other than those that come with altitude in the Himalayas, with just the appropriate amount of difficulty and breathtaking vistas. With giants like Nanda Devi, India’s second-highest peak, Kamet, Dhronagiri, Hathi Ghoda, Chowkhamba, Mana, and Neelkanth (to name a few) keeping watch like iron knights, is it any wonder the mountain stands self-assured and so sure of itself that it causes climbers to perspire?

Up to the last day, the Pangarchulla and Kauri Pass trail stays the same.

You get an uninterrupted view of Nanda Devi to your left and the crown of Pangarchulla to your right, sitting on top of a dense forest full with pine trees, while you are driving to Dhak, which is the head trail for this incredible peak. The 6-day adventure is brief yet offers a lot. The Pangarchulla trip brings you to a variety of scenery producing all kinds of magic in a very short amount of time, from little towns to dust trails leading to large open meadows, dense forests, clear streams, and rocky areas heading into the white of the snow. Not to mention the several respectful peaks you see along the way, all of which are saturated with historical significance.

Pangarchulla: For what purpose is this trek intended?

We advise you to only consider this journey if you have prior experience in the Himalayas and a foundational understanding of mountaineering due to its challenges and challenging terrain. These will aid in a more positive experience by assisting you in better adjusting to the surroundings and terrain.

The best time to hike the Pangarchulla is between March and April to enjoy a trail coated in snow and ice, and between October and December to encounter a mostly rocky terrain with patches of hard snow strewn across the landscape.

Best time-

Summer is the ideal season to visit Pangarchulla. Each step is worthy of being seen by the viewer. India gives the most breathtaking views, yet it enraptures you into your most exquisite dreams, making you feel as though time is drifting away from you. Affection and love for worshipped land and lord are unwavering, and locals and tour guides are overly friendly and familiar to talk to. Cultural glimpses will allow you to touch the roots of old villages. Our hiking excursions are extremely reasonably priced. The most stunning and captivating views you have ever seen are available on our pangarchulla hike, which is best experienced in the summer.


The colours of lush green meadows, milky white snow, and ink-blue skies are all present in abundance on the Pangarchulla summit walk. In India, there are primarily two different types of treks: the really challenging climbs like Kanchenjunga and Everest, and the easy category treks like Triund, Kedarkantha, and Chopta.

However, the Pangarchulla peak trip sits precisely in the midst of these two groups. This hike’s unique quality is that it offers both the thrilling difficulties of a challenging hike and the leisurely strolls of an easy hike.

Journey the Pangarchulla summit trek if you want to move up to a more difficult trek but aren’t sure what level to choose. The flavours of difficulty

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