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Hookah Tips for Elevating your Hookah Session

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Hookah Tips

We occasionally overhear conversations at hookah lounges that begin with the phrase, “Ugh, this hookah tastes bad.” Ideally, Hookah should be tasty, provide a moment of relaxation, and not burn your throat; any hookah or Shisha smoking experience that does not meet these standards can be pretty disappointing. Unfortunately, there is hardly any technique or trick to prepare your Hookah properly; just a few straightforward guidelines can work wonders in ensuring flavorful and fresh Hookah. Keep reading to discover more!

Use Ice as Cold as Water

Using cold water is a must when preparing a hookah. People avoid using warm water because it only gets more generous in the base while you smoke.

Adding a few ice cubes to your Hookah base will keep the water in the Hookah fresh and cold for a longer time; as the ice melts gradually, it will regulate the water temperature.

However, remember that while ice gives your Hookah a fresh flavor, it also dulls the tobacco flavor.

Heat Control System

By using an HMD, hookah consumers can significantly raise their heat efficiency and prolong the life of the coals. HMDs, also known as heat control devices, are essential to enjoy your Hookah sessions. These are specifically designed to increase heat output, extend the life of the coal, and prolong your smoking time.

HMDs are a recent substitute for foil, which has been in use for a long time. HMDs give you a more modern option with more capabilities, thanks to the hookah industry’s out-of-the-box products like thicker foils, wind covers, and natural charcoal.

When using an HMD, the charcoal burns the tobacco uniformly.

Utilize fresh, moist Tobacco

The next tip to have a fresh taste after smoking Hookah is to keep the Tobacco out of direct sunlight and in a dry place.

Put the Tobacco in a sealable bag to keep the air out if you know you won’t be smoking for a significant amount of time.

Remember that quality as tobacco is the key to tasty hookah, so always choose that. Check out Al Fakher’s website and explore some more exclusive flavors.

Additionally, if you come across an old pack of Tobacco, make sure it hasn’t been opened for at least two months. If not, we advise purchasing a new one and refraining from using the old one for any human experimentation.

Clean up after your Hookah Pot

After each hookah session and in between, make sure to clean it. Wash the bowl, the stem, and the bottle at all times—we mean at all times.

If you fail to clean your Hookah, remnants of smoke and burnt Tobacco will remain on every part of your Hookah. Consequently, the Hookah will have a stale and diluted taste.

Remember to rinse the hose with warm water and hang it up somewhere. If you pack it directly after rinsing, the water won’t drain out, leaving foul odors.

Your Hookah will last long if you follow these standard hygiene practices.

Make Sure To Blow Some Air Out 

Blowing some air out gently occasionally is another easy tip to keep your Hookah tasting fresh.

When smoking a hookah, blowing out refers to blowing into the hose to cause the air to move to the bottle. The air then passes through the nozzle and ventilates your Hekkpipe from there.

In other words, blowing out aids in the replacement of the “old” smoke with the “new.” Just be careful not to blow too forcefully because doing so will cause the water to move into the bowl and ruin your Hookah session.  

At pubs, or lounges providing shisha in Dubai, an assistant is always at your service to support you; but if you are at home, you need to master this trick by yourself.

Consider Natural Charcoals and Place them Apart

You are not getting an authentic hookah smoking experience if you use chemical-based charcoal tablets for your sessions. Instead, try natural charcoals to maximize your hookah experience because not all hookah coals are created equal. The most famous natural charcoal is made from coconut. They provide a more ample, satisfying hookah smoking experience because they burn for longer than regular coals.

In addition, keep them at a distance from each other. If you place them close, you may produce thick smoke for the first few minutes, but after about 30 minutes or so, your session will be cut short because your Tobacco will burn too quickly and too much.

You can fix this by heating your Hookah for the first five minutes with close coals, then switching to far coals. As a result, the Tobacco will become sufficiently heated for your Hookah to start, and once the coals have been moved a distance, their heat will be able to keep you as comfortable as you like.

Get an Appropriate Hookah Bowl 

A spike is located in the center of a vortex bowl. Vortex Bowls hold the tobacco flavors longer than other shisha bowls because they don’t have bottom holes. 

Shisha tobacco is heated consistently all over. As a result, the tobacco fluids don’t enter your hookah pipe, and the shisha juice is preserved for longer. Additionally, the taste and smell of the smoke are superior.

For a top-notch smoking experience, the vortex bowl’s material and thickness are crucial.

Use Two Layers of Foil

The hookah bowl should have more foil on it. 

Your Shisha is more effectively protected from coals when wrapped in two layers of hookah foil. 

The hookah smoker will benefit from a lighter product due to the aluminum foil’s ability to reduce heat loss, stop coals from igniting their Tobacco, and prevent coals from burning it.

Utilizing thicker aluminum foil is an additional option. The heat will last longer because your shisha flavors burn slowly.

Final Words

You don’t have to be an expert to know the hints and techniques for taking pleasure in a satisfying hookah session. To get you started on your next session, this blog post explored some valuable methods for better hookah. Whether you’re looking for advice on how to stop your coals from losing heat, foil recommendations, water level tips, or other smoking advice, these are all excellent suggestions that may enhance your shisha experience. Contact Shisha art if you ever find yourself seeking additional details about shisha outsourcing or shisha catering services for the next big party you’re planning. You can even order Shisha from premium shisha online to avoid the hassle.

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