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How can you choose the right masticating juicer for yourself?

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Do you know that there are subtypes of masticating juicers with distinctive features and the ability to juice? If not, then this article is right for your assistance in understanding the masticating juicer in depth. In this guide, you will learn about the two main types of masticating juicers; Single auger and double auger juicers. Know that both juicers are entirely different from the other and are used for specific types of fruits and vegetables.

You might be wondering why knowing about subtypes of juicers is essential. It’s because juicers are designed differently for specific types of fruits and vegetables. Therefore, masticating juicers are not just slow juicers; they are more than that. With masticating juicers, you will get a high juice yield, but when you choose the right masticating juicers as per your need juicing will be simple as pie for you. Hence, to make juicing smooth, easier, and tastier and get the things you need is essential to look for the subtypes of the masticating juicers. Before that, look at the masticating juicer’s introduction first!

What are masticating juicers?

Masticating juicer is a cold-pressed juicer assembled with cold-pressed and slow masticating technology to extract the juice. The juicers offer zero oxidation, while juicing reduces the amount of froth in the juice. This oxidation process harms food as it can change its odor, color, and taste. Therefore, masticating juicers offer anti-oxidized and pulp-free juice yield without any chemical reaction. 

Moreover, the motor works at low RPM, so you will get a noiseless juicing experience with an ideal masticating juicer. Summing up, masticating juicer offers smooth, pulp-free, fresh, and nutritious juice in just a few minutes.

Types of masticating juicers?

Now that you have an idea about the masticating juicers let’s have a look at the subtypes of the masticating juicers to see which one is the right choice for you. Before that, remember that these juicers differ from each other and hold different abilities to extract high juice yields. One similarity between both juicers is slow and noiseless masticating technology.

Single auger vs double auger?

Single augers and double augers are the two types of masticating juicers. Single auger juicers are designed with one auger. Augers are designed for chewing the ingredients and extracting the high juice yield. Single auger juicers chew the ingredients between the rotating auger. They are less expensive and work exactly like the masticating juicers.

However, the double auger juicers are assembled with two augers, which means they are more efficient than the single auger juicers. They rotate with two rotating augers and extract more juice yield. In terms of durability, these juicers are the ideal juicer for celery, but they are more expensive than the single auger juicer.

Vertical juicers versus horizontal juicers

Vertical juicers are designed to work as centrifugal as well as masticating juicers. The vertical juicer works with the vertical rotating auger and spins at a relatively higher speed to extract the juice. As they spin faster than other masticating juicers, there are chances of limited oxidation happening in the juice. Besides that, the vertical juicers have an extra wide chute that saves your time in preparation as they can easily accommodate larger chunks to extract the juice. However, they lack pulp stainers as you might face a small amount of pulp inside the juice. Overall, if you want to extract the juice from hard veggies, instead of bringing a power xl juicer, consider a vertical masticating juicer is way better.

On the contrary, horizontal juicers are the last type unique from all the other subtypes. These juicers are assembled with a horizontal rotating auger. It means the juicers don’t need a pusher to move the ingredients toward the auger and can easily extract the juice with less effort. Besides, the juicer spins slowly and ensures zero oxidation in the juice to preserve all essential nutrients and enzymes. Overall, these juicers are ideal as they are noiseless and offer pulp-free juice compared to vertical juicers. In terms of pricing, these juicers might cost you but seeing the juice yield; the juicer is worth buying.

Which one is ideal – The verdict

Knowing the juicers in depth is essential to invest wisely in the right item. Therefore, this article contains in-depth information about the masticating juicer. Head to the details and go through the expert’s tips to choose the right juicer for our household or commercial use.

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