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How Long Should a Graduate Admission Essay Be?

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How Long Should a Graduate Admission Essay Be?

Good to know that you have finally decided to get admission to graduate school. A graduate school is a great place to learn new skills and unveil your hidden capabilities to see the world from a new angle. However, a majority of graduate schools in the UK demand you to write an admission essay so they can access the candidates’ writing and research abilities before sending them an acceptance letter. Thereby, you can learn all the basic information necessary to write a graduate admission essay from the tone, purpose, structure, format, writing tips, to the suggested length in this article.

Graduate Admission Essay: A brief introduction

 Simply, The United Kingdom has made a few things compulsory to get admission to a graduate school. Alongside an application form, you must attach a complete set of all academic documents, such as matriculation certificates, intermediate results cards, and bachelor’s degrees. Additionally, a graduate admission essay is also a compulsion that students must submit along with academic documents and application forms. That graduate admission essay is simply a short piece of literary document that gives students an opportunity to exhibit extraordinary writing skills to stand out among all. Let’s answer some students’ queries about writing a perfect admission essay.

What message should a student try to convey in a graduate admission essay?

First, remember to whom you want to address through your writing. Of course, at this time, you are writing to brighten your chances of getting admission to a graduate school, so your concerned department’s head and faculty members will be your targeted audience. Second, keep your purpose of writing, to prove yourself an ideal candidate for reserved seats at graduate school, in mind. Thirds, tell the admission committee about your professional life, academic records, and future ambitions. Thus, no matter which tone you choose for writing a graduate admission essay, the main message to convey must be to prove that you are the perfect choice to become a part of graduate school as a student. 

 What must be the correct tone and style for writing an essay?

The tip for selecting the most appropriate tone for any type of academic writing task is to remind you the audience to be addressed. As in this writing task, you must choose as formal writing tone as possible. However, the use of personal pronouns while describing your past academic achievement is pretty fair while writing a graduate admission essay. Additionally, you must keep in your mind that it is ‘the one and only chance’ to introduce yourself to an admission committee. Thus, word selection and sentence structure must be clear and impressive. All in all, three things ‘good words’,  ‘good academic record’ and ‘ impressive future ambitions’ are enough to turn your words into a story that will surely impress the committee.

 How many words can students utilise for writing a graduate admission essay?

Students often ask about the word count and writing details before starting any type of academic document. In quite clear words, there is no hard and fast rule about the suggested word limits of a graduate admission essay. It is up to you, your academic achievement, and the minimum possible words that you use to express each core element of such an essay. It must not be too long to irritate the reader or too short of causing any confusion. As a rough idea, it will be appropriate to limit an essay between 500- 1000 words by divided it into three or four paragraphs, each conveying a unique essay.

What is the right format and structure for writing such essays?

To get all formatting and structuring details, you must read at least four or more graduate admission essay samples written by experts. Finding the experts is not a big problem these days. The easiest way is to use the ‘Google Search Engine’ to find the samples, but remember seeking help from free samples uploaded at Google may plagiarise your content with other applicants’ essays. Thereby, the safest solution is to consult Admission Essay Writing Services, as they guarantee to provide you with unique content.

Final Thoughts:

All in all, graduate admission essays are not at all difficult to draft; rather, their writing tips are quite similar to what we often follow to write other types of essays. However, it must not contain prominent heads of introduction, body, and conclusion. Drafting three to four paragraphs, each having a unique and clear purpose of writing, is more than enough. In the end, you must remain honest while writing so you will be preferred over others. 

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