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How Much Do the Wedding Photography Services Charge and What’s Included in Them?

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A crucial component of every wedding day is photography. After all, the moments will pass quickly, and the pictures will allow you to enjoy the day repeatedly. It also makes up a significant portion of any wedding budget, so you should consider it before committing to your entire plan.

Average professional photographers charge $75 to $200 per hour, and 6 to 10 hours is often the best amount of time for a wedding day. You should expect to spend between 10-15% of your wedding budget on photography. The price will vary greatly depending on your location and what is included in the package.

For more information about wedding photography rates Singapore and how to set a budget for this significant purchase, continue reading.

What is covered by wedding photography?

It’s simple to focus just on price, but you should make sure that your photographer’s package contains all you require. Review everything in depth to make sure you are budgeting properly, regardless of whether they provide an all-inclusive package or ala carte choices.

Wedding day photography:

The coverage of your wedding day by the photographer is the most evident item you are paying for. An elopement could just require one or two hours, but the majority of weddings require six or eight hours of coverage.


A photographer’s usual fee often includes a specific amount of travel. It often covers nuptials in their city and the nearby suburbs.

Your photographer may charge an extra fee if your wedding is outside of their regular service area to cover the travel time and petrol costs. A photographer who covers destination weddings will include airfare, lodging, and meals in their quoted price.

Retouching & Editing:

As editing is a crucial component of photography, experts will include it in their fees. To achieve a consistent aesthetic throughout your collection, they will modify the lighting and colors. Their photographs now have the polished, expert appearance that compelled you to book with them thanks to this straightforward editing.

Digital pictures:

A specified number of digital photographs will be included in your wedding package. There may be a cap on the number of photographs you may download before having to pay for more. Some photographers give all of the digital pictures they took on your special day, and they can tell you roughly how many there will be.

The photographs are made available for viewing online or on a USB drive. Professional photographers frequently charge more for prints, but they also give you printing rights so you may purchase them wherever you choose.

Choices for photography add-ons:

Everything over and above the basic bundle will be charged extra. Most pros will give ala carte alternatives so you can pick and choose, unlike many high-end actual-day wedding photography and videography that only offer luxurious packages with all the bells and whistles.

Some of the most popular upgrade choices for wedding photos are listed below:

Subsequent Shooters:

Second shooters are extra photographers who take pictures from other views and positions on the wedding day. Most photographers include this in their packages, but others charge extra for it.

Wedding portraits:

Before the wedding, many couples schedule a separate picture session. You may use the photos for Save-the-Date cards and wedding-day décor, and it’s a fantastic opportunity to get to know the photographer.

Albums & Prints:

In a world where everything is digital, printed photos have a unique significance. You should still purchase some prints and an album from your photographer even if you obtain the printing rights to your photos.

The quality of professional prints is usually significantly superior, and the money made from them supports the photographer’s operation.

Why do some photographers charge more?

The cost of wedding photography varies so greatly. If the wedding photographer offers a high-quality service and product, their price is unquestionably worth it.

Weekend Day:

Photographers may charge more for weddings on Saturdays or give discounts for weekday nuptials. Hence, if you’re looking to save money, you can try to negotiate a price for a Thursday wedding, however, many guests could find it inconvenient.

Day of the year:

The wedding season runs from May until October. In the winter, photographers may charge less for weddings that fall outside of their peak season. There might not be a seasonal pricing difference in places with excellent weather all year.

For a destination wedding, travel:

You’ll be responsible for covering the additional travel costs incurred by the photographer if your wedding takes place outside of their regular service area. This might ultimately cost more or less than hiring a photographer from the area.

Photography package:

It’s challenging to compare pricing among photographers because each one offers a different set of services.

The standard offering from one photographer can include a second shooter, 8 hours of coverage, and hundreds of digital pictures. Another could provide 5 hours of coverage, but just a certain quantity of photos.

Don’t focus just on the price, then. Look at the included in that cost. Because they include so much in their packages, a costly wedding photographer could be worthwhile.

To determine what is ideal for your photography budget, acquire quotes from a few photographers in both your hometown and the location of your wedding.

Photography and videography for weddings:

A lot of photographers provide bundles including videography. Sometimes a business specialized in both media and other times cooperation between two different providers is involved.

The cost of videography is usually comparable to that of photography, while some couples choose to have less video coverage. Hence, adding videography to your photographic package may result in a cost increase of 50% to 100%.

The Expenses of tipping your wedding photographer:

You should budget for tipping as an additional photographic expense. So when are you meant to tip wedding photographers?

Tipping is not expected if your photographer also owns the business, but it is appreciated if they go above and beyond. You might also use the photographer’s website to place orders for prints and give glowing reviews as an alternate form of support.

Nourishing your photographer with vendor meals:

You must feed your photographer if they are there during your reception. The majority of photographers incorporate this in their contracts, but you should still prepare to do this.

Include the photographer, second shooters, and helpers when providing the caterer with your final guest list. Inform them that it is a vendor lunch since occasionally caterers may provide a discount.

How can I choose a wedding photographer without spending too much?

It’s time to pick your photographer now that you are aware of what to anticipate from your wedding photography packages. You may locate someone who fits your concept and budget if you are careful in your choice and diligent in your investigation.

Plan Your Budget:

What are your price preferences for wedding photography? Think about the typical cost in your region as well as any upgrades you might like. Try to leave some wiggle room in your budget in case you decide to purchase prints or upgrade to extra hours later.

Know the type of photography you want:

If you want artistic photographs, you must work with a top-tier photographer. You might be able to employ a student or a less expensive professional if all you want them to do is record your day.

Speak with many photographers:

Never just go with the first photographer whose quote you like. Interviewing many photographers will help you compare prices, packages, and services. You can be pleasantly surprised by the professional service you obtain from inexpensive photographers.

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