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How the 2022 Genesis G70 is Challenging Japanese and European Luxury Car Brands?  

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When it comes to luxury cars, most people check out Japanese and European car brands. However, Genesis is changing this trend in recent times. By manufacturing supreme luxury cars at a lower cost, they are attracting more customers. One of their cars, the 2022 G70 is a great example. It is a vehicle that will attract anybody and comes with a distinct look that every luxury car owner wants. Hence, take a look at this automobile before visiting Princeton Genesis dealer.

How the G70 is challenging Japanese and European car brands?

Genesis is offering a few things that are helping it challenge luxury car brand giants. From affordable pricing to equipping their vehicles with numerous features and more; all these are assisting them to compete with other luxury car brands. Take a look below to understand!

Ultimate luxury design and feel

When opting for a luxury vehicle, one of the first things buyers check is the design and how much of a posh vibe it offers. G70’s exterior design is mesmerizing, especially due to its twin headlights and large front grille system. Its glossy paint job with the Genesis logo on the front gives it a supreme luxury vehicle.

The interior of this vehicle is crafted equally good. The manufacturers have carefully created its interior using premium quality materials and more. Apart from its remarkable build quality, attention to detail is something everyone will applaud.

The seats are significantly comfortable and complement G70’s interior with its leather upholstery. Additional cushions are provided for ideal comfort. In addition, its decorative stitches are something that brings out the contrasting nature to make it quite attractive to buyers.

Furthermore, its driver-centric structure and avoidance of plastic and other low-quality aspects give the G70 a more upscale look and feel. People can seat comfortably at the back and the front seat offers an adequate balance between sport and comfort. Also, people can easily fit in 5 carry-ons in its trunk and with rear seats stowed one can fit in 14 boxes.

Infotainment plays a crucial role:

The infotainment system and connectivity features shame some of its rivals which cost much more to buy. 10.3-inch infotainment touchscreen, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, Wi-Fi, and more are standard features.

Power of this vehicle

The base option is a turbocharged engine; however, most people get the V6 3.3L powertrain for the riding thrill. It produces 365 horsepower and a torque of 376 lb-ft for that ideal driving satisfaction. To know more about the powertrain available visit Princeton Genesis dealership.

All these features and the starting price of this car is only $38,570. However, most people get the higher-end trims that cost $50k or above.

Such features, design, etc. and at such an affordable cost is what helped the 2022 Genesis G70 challenge the Japanese and European luxury car brands in recent times. Just visit a dealership and you can check it out yourself. You will realize that it is one of the best luxury vehicles that you can purchase. So, hurry and book one!

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