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How To Achieve Your Goals, One After The Other, On Autopilot

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One of the most important things in Goals I discovered about how we work is that we do not get very far by using force. By pushing our way into things, and forcing ourselves to act, we destroy much more than we fix. We fail more often than we succeed.

It is as though we are at the helm of an awesome creative power, which we can direct, but not by force.

It takes something else to move this great power we have into action. When we discover what it is and how to do it, everything changes. We achieve goal after goal with ease. As though we are on total autopilot.

Have you ever heard these statements?

  • Keep Your Eye On The Ball…
  • Think About What You Want, Not What You Don’t Want…
  • Think Of The End Result…

I’m sure you have heard one or more of those. But have we really listened to this advice?

Have we truly imagined the end result of our goal with such clarity and detail that our brain and nervous system was saturated with the vision? have check this post-Stardew valley farm names

For most, the answer is no…

Most people never clearly define what the end result is in the first place. And if they happen to, they do not imagine if often enough, in every detail.

Here’s what happens when we do imagine our end result often enough, with clarity and detail…

There is a critical point were the brain and nervous system takes over. After a certain point they literally “take up” the vision as a goal and begin to work on it automatically.

As you do this, you will find there is no need for force and strained efforts. You will suddenly begin to get what I call “inspirational energy” to act, to do a certain thing or make a certain move at the right time.

Benefits, The End Results, Are The “Fuel” Of The Brain And Nervous System…

In the same way, Fear is also Fuel for the brain and nervous system. We could call it a Negative Fuel but it’s a fuel nevertheless. Let someone get in a situation where a terrible thought, “end result”, takes over their mind and watch what they do. Energy rushes through their system and they will try to move heaven and earth to avoid or get away from the end result they are imagining. Which usually means they will run dead into exactly what they were trying to avoid.

Sadly, many people run their entire lives on the Fuel of Fear…instead of the Fuel of Benefits…

If you will simply begin to imagine the benefits of a thing you want in detail, there will be no force needed to achieve it. You won’t have to push and strive to accomplish the goal.

What you will find is that you are literally “pulled” toward the goal. Things begin to happen automatically. You suddenly get that perfect idea while driving home from work. That personal hang up begins to clear up on its own without any interference from you.

We must focus on the end result, the benefits, long enough for the brain and nervous system to take hold of them. In many cases the effects are immediate. The energy to act comes within moments and we wonder why we have been forcing ourselves all this time.

Are you overweight with no desire whatsoever to exercise?

Try this…

Truly imagine what it would be like to be slim and fit. Imagine the toned body, the looks from others, the compliments, the confidence and the power. Just truly do this every detail. No force, no effort.

Just totally enjoy the vision.

If you honestly do this, what do you feel like now?

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The energy to “do” comes immediately doesn’t it. You now feel like getting up and moving.

It is never that we do not have the energy or the inspiration to do a thing. It is that we do not envision the benefits and end results of what we want enough to create that energy and inspiration.

This is the “fuel” most people are missing…

The brain and nervous system can not act on what you do not clearly see.

No motivation, no inspirational energy, no creative power can come into action toward a thing we have not clearly defined.

Once we do clearly define it and know that this is what we want, the vision pulls to itself what it needs like metal shavings being pulled to a magnet.

The brain begins to work and shows you things you would have otherwise never thought of. The oddest things can set off an idea that leads to a fortune. The brain will make the connections for you and present them to you clearly, along with the inspirational energy to act on them. Bursts of inspiration will come out of nowhere…

This happens for anything in the exact same way it happened for the students who had to concentrate for 30 minutes on writing down all the words they could that began with the letter C. After a while, their brain kicked in and said “this is important, get every word that starts with C”. The students found themselves days later still having words that began with the letter C popping into their heads out of nowhere.

Our end results, our benefits, simply need to be clear enough and thought about enough to Activate The Brain.

We’ll still work, we’ll still take action, but there is a whole world of difference between forcing ourselves to take action and taking “inspired” action. One destroys, the other creates.

Before I close I would like to say something to the marketer in you. What we’ve talked about here is why every copywriter in the world stresses the importance of Benefits so much.

Headlines may stop them in their tracks…

Testimonials may make them feel better about ordering…

But it’s the Benefits that provide the Fuel to Act on your offer.Read more

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