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How to Clean and Disinfect Sports Equipment

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Helmets, gloves, shoes, padding, and cleats are the most commonly used sports equipment. Despite how frequently we use it, it is usually thrown into a bag at the end of the game and abandoned until it is needed again. It may all proliferate germs and bacteria and become smelly.

Here are some guidelines for cleaning, disinfecting, and getting rid of bad odors from your sports equipments.

What’s the point of washing sports equipment?

Because cleaning and disinfecting sports equipment can have a positive impact on a player’s health, players can play more comfortably if no bad odors develop in their sports equipment.

Listed here are the most convincing reasons to clean your sporting equipments.

  • It eliminates bacteria and germs, thus preventing infections and disorders and safeguarding the health of a player.
  • It removes bad odors.
  • It secures and increases the life of sports equipment.

Cleaning sports equipment

Cleaning experts classify sports equipment cleaning into two categories:

1. Cleaning sports gear that can be machine-washed

Boxing straps, non-slip yoga socks, machine-wash sports shoes, gloves and the most efficient sportswear are some examples of sports equipment that can only be cleaned through a machine.

One thing that should be kept in mind is that the sports gear must be air-dried before washing to avoid traces of fungus.

For sporting equipment, a cold wash at 30 °C (80 °F) is usually advised.

To eliminate odors, add some white cleaning vinegar or a bleaching detergent to the wash cycle.

It is also recommended that your sports equipment or clothes be washed inside out because the majority of dirt accumulates on the interior of your clothing. Turning it inside out maintains the color as well.

For washing, sports pads, buckles, or velcro, a mesh washing bag or a pillow case is used to put these accessories inside for safe washing.

Allow it to air dry. Sports equipment should not be dried in the tumble dryer.

2. Cleaning Sports equipment that does not undergo machine wash

Some sports equipment like hockey (goalies) and football pads are not suitable for machine washing or are too large to wash in a machine. Then hand washing is the best option. 

Primarily, clear out  dirt and ventilate your sports equipment after every use to avoid dirt collection inside it. 

A bucket of warm water and washing detergent is being used to hand-wash your sporting equipment, also add 1-2 teaspoons of vinegar or baking soda to the bucket to eliminate the unpleasant odor. Light sponging with a microfiber cloth is usually preferable for washing.

Soak your sports equipment for a couple of hours before washing it with clean water. After removing all excess water from your gear, let it air dry. 

Avoid using strong chemicals like bleach, which may cause equipment to deteriorate faster.

For helmets and caps, wipe them off and ventilate them after each use to remove moisture, which produces mold, germs, and foul odors. 

When placing your equipment, use silica gel cushions to absorb excess moisture.

If fungus and mold have infiltrated your sporting equipment, such as foam cushioning, you may need to replace it!

Regular cleaning not only improves the life of your sporting equipment, but it should also keep folks away from your odor. 

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