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How to Disable Youtube Shorts (Updated 2022)

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Are you thinking of a way to disable YouTube shorts? YouTube shorts are without a doubt a quite popular opportunity for TikTok and reels! So if you have an innovative get one here mindset and are trying to get your ideas to the world without tons of economic funding, shorts on YouTube are the first-class choice!

But there can be times whilst these short films may additionally crack you, and you will want to simply do away with them anyway! So for these days, we can be targeting how you may discover ways to disable YouTube shorts in clean steps! So allow’s begin without any extra put-off!

Steps On How To Disable YouTube Shorts

As YouTube shorts is an in-built function, you couldn’t do whatever to get it out of your way. However, the twist is concerned while you could discern a way to remove shorts from YouTube get one here! Take a have a look at the solutions underneath!

YouTube Vanced

While YouTube is the pleasant component, sometimes you want an excuse to forestall using the app. Be it ads or the worrying YouTube shorts, you have got a perfect rescue from them on YouTube advanced supervisor.

  1. Install advanced supervisor from the Google
  2. Install microG from the app
  3. Launch the app and log in to your Google account
  4. In the settings, permit the shorts shelf to remove the YouTube shorts.

In this manner, you may tell your pals how you obtain rid of YouTube shorts!

How To Disable YouTube Shorts On iPhone?

How to Remove Shorts from YouTube (Disable YouTube Shorts)?

Remove Shorts From YT Settings

Click the profile image at the top to get to YouTube Settings. Then, from the settings menu, go to General and turn off the shorts toggle. It will deactivate YouTube’s Shorts capability get one here. As an end result, the Shorts video choice may be missing when you restart the YouTube app.

Degrade YouTube App

Youtube shorts aren’t to be had in the older model of the app. As an end result, downloading an older model of Youtube will save your Youtube shorts from showing in the Youtube app.

Select the “app details” option by long-pressing the YouTube app on your own home display. Next, do away with YouTube from your laptop.

So there you’ve got it! It does not cast off YouTube, but it does erase all the updates you have got downloaded. This function is helpful for anyone who desires to make use of YouTube without the shorts acting on the home display, although it isn’t the most practical solution. You will be precipitated to put in YouTube updates frequently.

How to Disable YouTube Shorts From YouTube App?

As YouTube Vanced has been discontinued after a felony struggle with Google. As of March thirteen, 2022, Vanced has discontinued all of the download hyperlinks. So, without the choice of YT advanced you can try other alternatives to disable YouTube shorts from the YouTube app. You can strive the subsequent options to disable YouTube shorts:

  • Degrade the YT app
  • Use YT on every other browser
  • Remove shorts from YouTube settings


We desire you discovered the small manual on a way to disable shorts on YouTube valuable! Also, whilst you use YouTube advanced, you may be advert-free, saving you from shopping for a YouTube subscription! Isn’t that outstanding? You can also learn to monetize your YouTube shorts!

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