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How To Make Sports Event More Energetic & Joyful – Best Tips

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You might be unsure about where to begin when planning your next sporting event if you’ve never organized one before or if it has been some time since your last one.

We did our research on multiple successful events and created a guide that would help you create an engaging sports event. 

What we found most common in all these successful events was a social wall. A social wall engages the audience like no other, and the tips that we are going to share revolve around a social wall. So, without further ado, let’s jump onto these tips. But first, let’s spend a minute or two on understanding a social wall.

Definition: Social Wall

A social wall is a live display of social feeds on big digital screens in real-time. The main content that a social wall display is a user-generated content that comes in photos, videos, testimonials, etc.

Ideas To Make Your Sports Event Engaging

Create A Buzz Around Your Event

By using Twitter and Instagram Wall for event promotions, you can increase the number of spectators at the game by increasing your players’ passion.

You can show dynamic content on one screen using a social wall. Gather content from the eager spectators surrounding the sporting event, as well as from the athletes themselves, such as images from practises or games. 

You should also gather any social media mentions of your sporting event from well-known people, along with the brochure and marketing materials for the event. 

Once everything has been put together properly, decide where to place this information so that it will be seen by the intended audience.

Display User-Generated Content

User-generated content in the form of your best social media posts ensures a high level of audience engagement. People cheering their teams and having a blast displayed through photos and videos takes the event to the next level. 

User-generated content collected during the hashtag campaign before the event can be displayed on large digital screens to generate even more user-generated content. 

Post watching people’s social media posts on the social media wall, and more people will be motivated to post about your event to appear on the social media wall.

Present Your Audience’s Excitement

Social media and sporting events now coexist as a result of social media becoming a necessary component of everyone’s life. Fans start expressing their excitement on social media days before each sporting event. On the social wall, you can curate all of this stuff.

In order to capture the excitement of the audience for an approaching sporting event, several marketers use user-generated content to produce teasers by exquisitely presenting the common emotion of devotion to the game; it aids in strengthening the sense of community among the supporters.

You can accomplish the same thing by compiling all of the UGC related to the sporting event and producing a transitional video that simulates a teaser. Use engaging background music to keep viewers’ attention for as long as possible. 

The video should be shown on the social wall display during your sporting event. It will enhance the exciting atmosphere of the athletic event day and enhance audience engagement.

Run A Hashtag Campaign

Fans now express their passion for their favorite sports teams and players primarily through social media. By setting up hashtag campaigns or competitions, you may tastefully express that love. Start by selecting a distinctive and memorable hashtag that the followers can connect with.

Encourage your followers to utilize your hashtag by promoting it. You may plan giveaways for the winners of the hashtag competition and make exciting announcements about prizes like team jerseys, player-autographed mugs, or even a chance to interact with the players. 

During the game, run the hashtag competition. Gather all of these comments, then post them on the stadium’s social wall.

The social wall is active and continuously updated. Your custom hashtag will immediately be displayed on posts whenever someone uses it, which will entice more supporters to get involved, increase audience interaction, and provide an outstanding social presence for the sporting event and your company.

Highlight Your Sponsors

Any sporting event needs sponsors to succeed. The uniforms of the players, the stadium barriers, and many other places frequently display the logos of sponsors. However, this is a bit cliche. 

Showcase your sponsors’ social media posts, logos, and other marketing materials on the engaging Social Media Wall to make your sporting event stand out from the competition.

By doing this, you provide your sponsors with a location and give guests the chance to interact with them. It helps your sponsors feel valued, and once they see the advantages a social wall offers, you can count on them to assist you for upcoming sporting events.

Wrapping Up

Sports have a huge fan following which is why events around them have the potential to achieve a series of objectives. We recognize this, which is why we have created a blog around this with a combination of tips to make your event one of the best.

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