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How to Wear Blue Chinos Pants: Top Fashionable Outfit Ideas

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Blue Chinos Pants

Navy chinos are a very versatile style of pants. They’re neither jeans nor slacks, so they’re appropriate for everything from lounging on the weekend to working in the office. Chinos in blue are especially versatile because the darker shade allows you to pair them with a wider range of outfits.

This article will cover some basic rules for wearing blue chinos and highlight some great outfits for inspiration.

What Should You Pair With Navy Chinos?

The beauty of navy chinos is that they go with almost everything. Pair them with canvas shoes, a t-shirt for a weekend look or loafers, and a shirt for a night out. Experiment with textures by wearing them with denim jackets and finishing the look with chunky boots.

Navy Chinos of Various Styles

Consider the numerous styles of chinos available. Wear a light pair in the summer to keep cool or a heavier pair in the winter to keep the heat in. Some brands sell “vintage” pants with embellishments, while others have a slicker design that could almost pass for suit slacks.

How Do Navy Chinos Look?

Loser-fitting pants are more comfortable and casual, whereas those tailored close to the leg are more formal. Consider getting a pair just above your shoes for a more modern look.

What Colors Work Well With Navy Chinos?

Most colors go well with navy chinos. Darker pants, grey, white, and pastel shirts, tees, and jumpers look especially good. Blues are also acceptable, but avoid anything too similar to the colors of the trousers. The exception will be if the navy is a pattern, a different texture, or a blazer that can be broken up with a lighter shirt.

What Shoes Should You Wear With Navy Chinos?

Canvas shoes, loafers, and boat shoes look great with blue chinos. You can also wear them with dressier shoes if your outfit suits you.

Ideas for Stylish Navy Chino Outfits

Dress Shoes, Shirt, and Blazer

The most formal look on this list is achieved by wearing navy chinos with a shirt, blazer, and shoes. At first glance, the model in the above image is dressed in a full suit. To match this outfit’s formal vibes, keep the chinos cut slim but not too skinny. This outfit avoids being overly formal by foregoing a tie and opting for a more casual shirt.

Sneakers and an Oxford Shirt

This next look is smart, with navy chinos, a white oxford shirt, and sneakers. This is the kind of outfit that can take you from the office to a night out on the town. Tuck in the shirt and replace the sneakers with a pair of shoes to make this look more formal.

Sneakers and a Check Shirt

If you like your shirts to have some personality, try pairing navy chinos with a patterned shirt. This outfit is very similar to the one above, and it could easily be paired with more shoes to increase the level of formality. The key feature of the pattern is that it is relatively light, and the colors complement the darker shades of the chinos.

Brown Loafers and a Grey Sweater

If the weather isn’t cooperating with shirts, layer your navy chinos with a grey jumper. Add loafers for a more formal look or sneakers, boat shoes, or canvas shoes for a more casual look. For a similar look in the winter, wear a heavier jumper.


There are various styles to wear chinos and follow tall skinny guys’ fashion to level up your wardrobe. You can complete the look with stylish accessories and shoes.

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