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How Video Telematics Software Ensures Good Driver Behaviour

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How Video Telematics Software Ensures Good Driver Behaviour

No matter how many vehicles a fleet owner has in its fleet, a driver behaviour monitoring solution is the must-have requirement from them in fleet management software. Does video telematics software solution helps in enhancing driver behaviour analysis? 

Well, we can’t deny that! Video telematics software solutions do act as an added solution in monitoring driving behaviour. 

Video Telematics Solutions and  Driver Behaviour Monitoring 

A driver behaviour monitoring solution offers an event-wise report of an individual driver’s performance. The higher the number of triggered events the worse the driver is behind the wheel. 

Some of the Driving behaviour events: 

Harsh Braking

Harsh Acceleration

Harsh Corning


Excess Driving Hours


On the basis of these events, a driver report and the driver score are prepared. Every event is set at a different danger level and accordingly the driver score is deduced. 

In this entire fleet management process where do video telematics solutions fit? 

Video telematics software solutions are bifurcated into two categories – DMS and ADAS. 

A driver monitoring system as the word explains itself monitors the movement of the driver and his activities while he is on duty. It triggers alerts every time the driver is caught doing unacceptable actions such as – Smoking, yawning, being distracted, being drowsy or being on the phone. Even when the driver is absent or a proxy driver is behind the steering wheel, the system generates the alert. 

The automatic Driver Assistance System monitors the surrounding of the vehicle. The 24*7 video surveillance not only ensures the security of the vehicle but also, keeps the consignment safe. The fleet monitoring platform triggers an alert every time the camera detects the following events – forward collision, backward collision, pedestrian too close, signal violation, and many others

How Video Telematics helps in Driver Behaviour Monitoring 

If you have to take a look at the events that driver behaviour analysis solutions and video telematics solutions address directly or indirectly get triggered by the bad driving behaviour. 

While driving behaviour monitoring solutions directly talk about analysing the driving activities, the Driver Monitoring System of the video telematic software monitor the in-cabin activities of the driver. However, the ADAS solutions may cover as many aspects of surrounding surveillance, but their main purpose is to assist the driver in driving well. By alerting the driver and the fleet manager afar every time the software receives an event from the hardware. This not only registers every bad driving move but also, alerts drivers to not repeat the same behaviour again. 

Cumulative Reports

  • While a driver behaviour system would generate its reports and a video telematics solution would generate a separate report, a consolidated fleet management software that offers both solutions in one can offer a cumulative report that is easy to understand, go through and manage. With driver behaviour monitoring alone you just have data on the events but with video telematics, you will have evidence.  

Cumulative Analysis

  • The fleet monitoring system that offers offer both, driver behaviour analysis and video telematics solutions, have a consolidated database or reports. It will be easier for the software to present consolidated analytics. The software can study the data for the same entity from different sources and process it to analyse the performance better. The more the number of data sources the better the analysis be.  

Cumulative Driver Score

  • With more data sources on driving behaviour, the driver score will get more accurate. The aspects to judge a driver will also increase with more solutions in place. With driver behaviour, the aspects were only limited to textual data, with video telematics the visual events will also add to the data. 

Other Solutions you can expect in an Advanced Fleet Management Software

A new-age fleet management platform comes with a comprehensive fleet monitoring system. TrackoBit one of the leading names in the industry offers – Route planning solutions, Asset Tracking Solutions, Field Service management software along with video telematics software and driver behaviour monitoring. 

Intrigued? Get in touch with them and know further about their solutions, services and features.

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