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IFVOD TV – The Best Online Video Streaming App

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As the world evolves humans along with the way they live their daily routines are changing also. In the same way, IFVOD is a new technology that is changing our lives. In the past, there was a time when people were glued to watching television shows, series, and films on their TVs.

In the past two decades, televisions were changed to LED monitors, following the development of technology like the Internet. The public began watching dramas and TV shows using LCDs, computers, or LEDs. Numerous websites began offering different packages (monthly and annually) to make it easier for viewers.

Technology advancements never stopped so the development in daily technology never stopped. From watching TV using LCDs, smartphones and smart apps have totally replaced television. Only classical or traditional people are watching TV.

What’s IFVOD?

It is a brand new streaming application that has over 4 million downloaded. It has taken over TV, along and other well-known apps with similar purposes (Netflix, Viki, iQIYI, Amazon Prime Video, Disney plus, Viu). In contrast to other apps, IFVOD is utilized to watch a variety of movies, dramas, and news programs, as well as tv shows and sports.

It is designed primarily to appeal to Chinese viewers, however, anyone can use the application and gain benefits. The most beneficial feature of this application is English subtitles are included in all the videos, for those who may have issues understanding the Chinese language. It works on every smart device in the market today such as tv, computers laptop, tablet, and mobile phones.

The app can be used at any time and anywhere (without any limitations or subscription charges). IVFVOD was released through the Chinese firm iFeng at the beginning of 2014. Enjoy your time breaking out of your routine by watching your most loved television shows.

Features of the IFVOD app

  • High-resolution broadcast
  • Content frequently refreshed
  • A vast and up-to-date library
  • Every show that is currently running on the cable is transferred and subbed as fast as possible.
  • Easy to use and simple to learn.
  • On-demand video shows, musicals, and video games are also accessible on it.
  • Quality video streaming (with HD, 4kHD, and Full UHD video quality). The quality of the video is also dependent on the video resolution which can be adjusted through the settings.
  • Over a thousand shows are available through the IFVOD app (including the Chinese ones).
  • More than 900 TV channels are available in this application. There are channels to suit everyone.
  • Every genre popular is covered within this video streaming application.
  • The ability to translate languages is also present within it So feel free to watch your favorite shows without worrying about the barriers to communication.
  • It also allows downloading. it. You can download videos in bulk, and then view them at any time you like, without internet access.
  • It also broadcasts live news along with entertainment. you can listen to the latest news channels of your choice on it.
  • The content is available for free. Only a few items require subscription packages.
  • Both Android as well as iOS are compatible with this app.

How can I download the IFVOD application?

  • Open domain.
  • Find it on the IFVOD website.
  • Click the download button.
  • The file will begin downloading.
  • After the file has been downloaded, you can open it in your downloads, then click on it.
  • It will then begin with the installation of the application.
  • After a few seconds or minutes (according to the speed of your internet) Your application will be installed.

How do I download videos from IFVOD?

Downloading is just one part of the cake with this video streaming app. Follow the steps given in a timely manner;

  • Access to the IFVOD application.
  • Click the download button, and watch for your most loved video to download.
  • Once the download is complete, open the download files to look over your video.

How do I utilize the IFVOD TV application?

But don’t worry, using it is as easy as using any other app available on the internet. It’s accessible for the English Language as well (if you’d rather use a different one, then you are able to alter it by changing the settings.

  • Create your account or sign in using Google to keep track of your past viewing history, lists, and reminders for your most-loved shows.
  • Watch live news, dramas, and TV shows if you are connected to wifi or another connection to cellular.
  • Download your favorite films and shows in order to enjoy them later.

What is the price of the fee for IFOD TV?

The majority of features are offered to each user at no cost. However, some features are included as premium features, and you have to purchase the premium bundle before you can use the features. Contrary to other platforms, IFVOD charges only $5 for a full year of unlimited video streams and downloads, which is much less expensive in comparison to other platforms.

Benefits of the IFVOD app

  • The shows that aren’t available via the cable network, Netflix, or Amazon Prime Video, … are on it. It is not necessary to pay for separate subscriptions to different sites to view various types of programming (sports documentaries, films, sports, or news(. All you need is one.
  • This application is a lot more affordable compared to its competitors.
  • Simple UI and is available in the world-renowned English Language.
  • A built-in DVR is available within it, so there is no doubt about watching or downloading files without interruption.
  • The most sought-after benefit by all is the ability to watch the show or program without ads. IFVOD is an ad-free app.

Are IFVOD TV a Chinese app?

The app is very popular with Chinese internet users who want to view a variety of online videos on various subjects (genres).


  • Conventional
  • Accessible and easy to use
  • No cost (inexpensive)
  • Time-saving
  • Efficient
  • All types of smart devices.


  • The cost that could be associated with an annual subscription
  • It Consumes lots of time to watch various films and shows.
  • Sometimes, video quality is subpar but this varies depending on the videos.

Does it allow me to watch several videos simultaneously in the IFVOD TV application?

Yes, you can view several videos simultaneously, but there’s a restriction. You need to sign up for an account (paying the author $5 for access to the service). This means that multiple users can use the same screen on various devices to view videos on the app. There should be no issues with playing back in the event that one screen’s videos are suspended.

Android-powered TVs (4 and up), Android phones (4 and up), Fire TV sticks along with Amazon Fire TV (4 and higher) All are supported by this app.

(Looking for an affordable smartphone that can utilize this application? Get Android Go or Redemi 5A (built in China). Both smartphones can be bought in 4

$100 (with 3GB of RAM and 16 GB of storage space (to run the program).


The IFVOD application is the ideal software to return to your favorite shows and keeping up to date with the latest news, TV shows and movies. IFVOD is a master of all trades. Try this app out and share your experiences with us via the comment box. (Did you like IFVOD App?)

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