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Insect Protection Tips by Pool Maintenance Service in Hoschton

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A good day at the pool can become agitative because bees, wasps, and other insects are hovering over the head. This situation might become more embarrassing when you have guests and the insects bite them. This article will focus on why insects are attracted to the swimming pool, some interesting facts, and tips by a pool maintenance service in Hoschton to keep the area free from insects.

Pool Maintenance Service in Hoschton Explain Reasons for Insects Attraction

The first thing to understand is why insects are attracted to the swimming pool area, although there are other places in the house with more benefits for the insects, like the kitchen. The following are the three main reasons for insects’ attraction.

Insects Need to Cool Off

Like humans, insects also need to cool off from the rising temperature. So, the swimming pool water seems to be the best source. Insects can either lay on the surface or quench their thirst by drinking water.

They are Attracted to Flowers and Plants

Bees and wasps are especially attracted to the flowers and plants around the swimming pool structure. These plants and flowers are a good source of food for them. So, they stay where the plantation is and around the pool if it is located near the landscape.

Light Also Draw Their Attention

Homeowners should know that insects are also attracted to lights. When they keep the lights on at night, insects hover around them and sometimes fall into the swimming pool.

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Important Facts About Wasps

It is important to understand certain facts about different insects. Wasps are the most dangerous flying insect because there are almost thirty thousand species. Wasps can create paper by chewing on the bark of trees. Female wasps are the only ones with stingers.

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Tips for Pool Cleaning in Hoschton from Insects

The pool cleaning service companies in Hoschton have suggested some tips to help repel insects and keep the swimming pool area and structure safe. Some suggestions are related to cleaning and maintaining the swimming pool, and others are different ways homeowners can keep the insects away from the area.

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Cover the Swimming Pool

You should not be confused with the seasonal covering services you can hire via companies like Clear Tec Pools. This cover should be made of a thin mesh or net to help stop the insects from reaching the swimming pool surface.

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Arrange Another Source of Water

Homeowners should add water sources for the insects to cool down. When planning to use the swimming pool; arrange for sweet water in which sugar is added; so that the insects are attracted to it and not the pool.

Grow Insect Repellant Plants

Several insect-repellant plants can be installed to keep the wasps, bees, and bugs away from the area. You can plant Citronella, Lavender, Marigolds, Nasturtiums, Rosemary, Basil, and mint near the swimming pool area.

Move Plantation Away from Pool Area

If possible, you should relocate the garden and place it far away from the swimming pool. If you are installing the swimming pool for the first time, then ensure that the backyard design is created considering this point in your mind.

Don’t Use Fragrance when Swimming

Experts providing pool cleaning in Hoschton have recommended avoiding using fragrances when swimming. Insects are also attracted to scents, so don’t wear a scent or have anything that smells strong.

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Coverup the Drinks and Food

Don’t make the mistake of leaving the food and drinks uncovered outside near the swimming pool. Insects will contaminate the food and create health issues. You need to cover everything up or arrange the snacks inside the house to avoid the hassle altogether.

Keep the Swimming Pool Cleared

Leaves, twigs, plants, and dead animals will attract insects because these things are a good source of food for them. Homeowners have to keep the swimming pool surface cleared.

Shock the Water and Apply Algaecide More Frequently

Shocking the pool water will ensure that bacteria and other organisms are killed that might attract insects, and applying algaecide will remove algae.

Homeowners have to consider these tips from the pool maintenance service in Hoschton to remove insects from the swimming pool premises.

Three questions explain how to keep insects from the swimming pool area.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I keep my pool bug free?

The simple ways suggested by the pool maintenance service in Hoschton to keep the bugs include;

1.       Install insect traps.

2.       Move the landscape away from the pool.

3.       Keeping the swimming pool clean.

4.       Cover the pool surface.

Does a pool filter remove bugs?

The pool filter will collect everything from debris, dirt, hair and even bugs. The pump is very powerful that sucks even heavy objects to filter the water.

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Are water bugs harmful?

Water bugs are known to have a powerful bite. However, the bite is nontoxic but can cause pain when people are bitten between the toes.

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