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Intra-Company Transfer from India to Canada | Start a Business in Canada

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Yes, Lebiz Canada can assist you with an intra-company transfer from India to Canada. They provide a full range of immigration solutions for businesses, including intra-company transfer. Their expert team of immigration professionals can help you navigate the Canadian immigration process, from selecting the right visa to submitting your application. They will also provide ongoing support and advice throughout the entire process.

Benefits of choosing Lebiz

1. Access to Professional Business Consultants: Lebiz Canada provides access to experienced business consultants and advisors who can help small business owners with their business development, marketing, and financial planning.

2. Cost-Effective Solutions: Lebiz Canada offers cost-effective solutions for businesses that need specialized advice. Businesses can get access to consultants without having to pay large consulting fees.

3. Flexible Payment Options: Lebiz Canada offers flexible payment options for services rendered. Businesses can choose from a variety of payment plans to suit their budget.

4. In-Depth Knowledge: Lebiz Canada’s consultants have in-depth knowledge of the Canadian business landscape and the regulations governing it. This can help businesses identify the best strategies to ensure their success.

5. Experienced Team: Lebiz Canada’s consultants are highly experienced and qualified professionals. They can provide expert advice and guidance on a variety of business-related topics.

Need help transferring your company to Canada? Our experts can help get you set up with all the paperwork you need! Just enter your info below.

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